COLUMBIANA CORNER Was someone just asleep at the switch?

Columbiana, which operates a municipal power system and does its own billing, had some power outages last week affecting city hall. As the lights went off momentarily in the police department, Patrolman Chris Dailey asked, "Didn't the city pay the bill?"
Just to clarify that: Columbiana City Councilman Matt Weikart praised the Columbiana Police Department at a recent council meeting for its quick action in responding to a call. He said a young patrolman responded within three minutes to report of a domestic disturbance, and was polite and compassionate. "No, it wasn't at my house," Weikert added quickly.
Duct-tape wizards: So, how many lawyers does it take to hook up a microphone?
At the Columbiana County Republican Party's recent Lincoln Day Dinner, the answer was three.
As amused diners watched, State Auditor and attorney Jim Petro, the event's keynote speaker, teamed with Eastern Area County Court Judge Mark Frost and county Republican Party Chairman Atty. Jerry Ward to rig a microphone to the lectern.
The trio had to use duct tape and a box to set up the microphone, which was needed for the evening's speakers.
Petro later called it "the most complicated mike stand on the face of the earth."
"I'm really impressed by his ability with duct tape," quipped Judge Frost of Petro.
Just a coincidence: Columbiana County's new common pleas court magistrate, Atty. Carol Ann Robb, joked recently that her salary really isn't based on her age.
Responding to a reporter's question, Robb, 48, said her salary is $48,000 annually.
The similarity between the two figures is entirely coincidental, she said.
Contributors: Norman Leigh and Nancy Tullis of The Vindicator Salem Bureau

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