YOUNGSTOWN Parking project lacks bids

Commissioners will try again to find a contractor for the curb-cut job.
YOUNGSTOWN -- Construction of a parking area for people with physical disabilities in front of the Mahoning County Courthouse is a priority project for county commissioners, but apparently not for local contractors.
No builders submitted a bid for the project, which is to provide enough space for two vehicles to park along Market Street, just north of Front Street.
"No one even came in to get a copy of the bid package," said county Administrator Gary Kubic. "We finally get everybody on the same page and we can't finish the story."
Two weeks ago, Kubic said the parking zone is a priority project for commissioners, who are trying to make the courthouse more accessible to people with disabilities.
Complaints lodged: People who are disabled have complained to commissioners that the lack of dedicated parking spaces makes it difficult for them to visit the courthouse.
Kubic said he suspects contractors shied away because it's a fairly small project in the middle of prime construction season.
Under Ohio law, counties are required to seek bids for projects that cost $15,000 or more. The county wants to see the project through, so it will try again to find a bidder, Kubic said.
"We're hoping a contractor will call and assist us out of a sense of civic responsibility," he said.
Completion date changed: Commissioners had hoped to have the project completed by the end of September, but that's not going to happen now that the first round of bids came up empty.
In December, commissioners hired E.S. Jakubick & amp; Associates of Cortland to design the curb cut required for the project at a cost of $6,800.
The new spaces will be cut far enough into the sidewalk that vehicles will be completely off Market Street, giving their occupants safe passage to and from the building.
The spots will be near an automatic door on the southeast corner of the courthouse, where people with disabilities can enter the building. There is already a wheelchair ramp leading up to the door.

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