Bush's policies forcing increase in national debt

Bush's policies forcing increase in national debt
I believe that by this point in time the American public has experienced the effect that George W. Bush's policies have had on the economy. In my opinion his ineptitude has demonstrated that the apple does not fall far from the tree! His "read my lips" sire and his predecessor, Ronald Reagan, tripled the national debt. At the rate "Dubya" is going, he will probably make the two "conservative" predecessors look like push-overs in destroying the economy.
As a senior citizen, I am deeply concerned about the latest dispatches from within the beltway about a proposal to again plunder the Social Security trust fund. In my mind, George "Dubya" cannot be trusted to manage the budget. He has exhibited the same restraint as a pre-schooler running unsupervised in a candy store. His policy of taking a reported $1.5 trillion from the surplus built up during the Clinton administration is tantamount to daylight robbery.
During the past two decades, the biggest concern of our illustrious leaders in Washington was to pay off the national debt and not to callously leave a huge deficit to burden future generations. It seems that that philosophy has been abandoned since the Bush administration is in charge.
If the national debt were paid off, the American taxpayer would enjoy the largest tax cut in history.
In my opinion the Bush program to raid the U.S. treasury is an experiment to certain disaster. The interest on the national debt will consume the lion's share of the income tax money received by the I.R.S.
Before the last election our lawmakers in Washington proclaimed that our Social Security fund would be placed in a lock box. Suddenly we are hearing reports that they may have to "borrow" money from the Social Security fund. Over the years every time the national budget ran into difficulty Congress borrowed money from Social Security and replaced the "borrowed" money with I.O.U.s. I wonder what has happened to those I.O.U.s. The interest on all that "borrowed" money would keep Social Security solvent for many generations to come.
Children benefit from outstanding teachers
This letter is in regard to the possible strike of the Badger Education Association. We as parents are in full support of the BEA and their request for a pay increase. Our son is a student at Hartford Elementary School and we have been very pleased with his past and recent teachers.
Many times this summer, he had mentioned to us how much he missed his first grade teacher, that right there, says it all.
It really means something to a parent when their child looks forward to going to school everyday because his or her teacher makes learning fun.
We pray for a speedy resolution for all involved.
League should generate more action, less talk
If the Citizens League of Greater Youngstown expects to be taken seriously, they won't achieve it with Candid Camera foolish antics.
Americans have the freedom of assembly as well as the freedom of speech and choice. Our elected officials continue to prove their accountability to the community they represent, and I seriously doubt that the others attending the luncheon were conspiring any wrongdoing against the community.
The Citizen League might find greater success by demonstrating less self-righteous arrogance and a lot more common sense.
Since actions speak louder than words, the Citizens League appears to lack communication.