ELECTION FILINGS Columbiana County

Candidates running in nonpartisan races in the Nov. 6 general election had to file nominating petitions with their respective boards of elections recently. Mahoning and Trumbull county candidates were published last week. Those filing in Columbiana County (an * denotes an incumbent) are:
EAST PALESTINE (3 to elect)
William Wells, 327 E. North Ave.; Charles McGuire, 42 N. Liberty St.; David Beachler, 190 W. Clark St.; Scott Rauch, 220 Garfield Ave.; Becky Burns*, 521 N. Walnut St.
HANOVERTON (4 to elect)
David Kiewall*, 10081 Main St.; John Barrett*, 9182 Plymouth St.; Jane Wilson*, 9006 Plymouth St.; Bennie Hillyer Jr., 29735 Clinton St.
NEW WATERFORD (4 to elect)
Paula Landsberger, 46666 Allendale Ave.; Peggy Phillips, 3253 Creek Road, Lot 136; Kevin Dickey, 46550 Crestview Road; William Mullarkey, 46496 state Route 46; Theresa Meier*, 46901 S. State St.; Ray Baughman, 3495 Silliman St.; Dennis Lappert, 46388 Waynewood Drive.
ROGERS (4 to elect)
Mark Gordon, 7415 Depot St.; John Gorby Sr.*, 7629 Eells St.; Robert Mercer, 46385 Walnut St.; Lori Blazer*, 46155 Walnut St.; Jayne Balmenti, 7600 Depot St.; Barbara Todd, 7678 Farr St.
SALINEVILLE (4 to elect)
Tom Hays*, 200 John St.; Denise Kellogg*, 2 Cleveland Ave.; Cathy Needham*, 95 W. Main St.
SUMMITVILLE (4 to elect)
Robert Marra*, 15707 state Route 644; Frank Thorne*, 15090 Smith Road; Sally Brown*, 15208 3rd St.
BUTLER TOWNSHIP (2 to elect)
Homer Althouse Sr.*, 32040 Cameron St., Winona; Fred Hippely*, 5250 McCann Road, Salem; Paul Lease, 2075 Slater Road, Salem; Thomas Sanor, 1331 Cider Mill Road, Salem.
CENTER TOWNSHIP (2 to elect)
Greg Shive*, 8097 Thomas Road, Lisbon; Nancie Burbick, 9021 Wayne Bridge Road, Lisbon; Kenneth Schreffler*, 36369 Hunters Camp Road, Lisbon; Joe Csonka, 37935 Hunters Camp Road, Lisbon; Samuel Sowards Sr., 39387 Mattix Road.
ELKRUN TOWNSHIP (2 to elect)
Robert Huffman, 42070 state Route 154, Lisbon; Richard Rudibaugh*, 42965 Middle Beaver Road, Lisbon; Ronald Mills*, 42123 state Route 154, Lisbon.
Leonard Pritchard, 315 Parkview Drive, Columbiana; Wilmer Swope*, 758 Beeson Mill Road, Leetonia; Fred Grappy*, 2096 state Route 164, Columbiana; Bob Hum, 104 S. Elm St., Columbiana; James Kellner, 5114 Lower Elkton Road, Leetonia; Merle Travis, 42767 Crestview Road, Leetonia.
John Kosko, 15287 Smith Road, Summitville; Fred May*, 15198 Nittany Drive, Summitville; R. Deane Clemens*, 16633 McSwiggen Road, Salineville; Dave Wargo, 34020 Yellow Creek Church Road, Salineville; James McPherson, 33571 Willard Road, Hanoverton.
Mancil Leroy Ridgeway*, 10554 Mechanicstown Road, Hanoverton; David Haley*, 30322 Howard St., Hanoverton; Jack Wilson, 29145 Buffalo Road, Kensington; Michael Ellyson, 8145 McCann Road, Kensington.
KNOX TOWNSHIP (2 to elect)
Don Bandy*, 23147 Center Road, Homeworth; Michael Runzo*, 512 Case Road, Beloit; Raymond Zurbrugg*, 908 12th St., Beloit
Bob Miller*, 1224 Faulk Ave., East Liverpool; Karl Kontnier*, 2566 Lisbon St., East Liverpool; Steven Betteridge, 1460 Homestead Drive, East Liverpool.
Lawrence Mick*, 41298 Glasgow Road, Lisbon; Darwin Underwood, 45769 Madison Drive, East Liverpool; Carl Hoppel, 40891 state Route 518, Lisbon; George Crews, 16962 state Route 45, Wellsville; R. Bruce Barrett, 14451 East Liverpool Road, Lisbon.
Wayne Dillon Sr.*, 48030 Pancake Clarkson Road, Rogers; C. William McCowin*, 7843 Bouquet St., Negley; Phillip Linger, 10231 Sprucevale Road, Rogers; Charles Peters, 51116 N. Front St., Negley; William Neillie, 9442 state Route 170, Rogers.
PERRY TOWNSHIP (2 to elect)
Jerry Wolford*, 157 W. 12th St., Salem; Jim Newman, 1535 Highland Ave., Salem; Larry Parker*, 1385 Manor Drive, Salem; Michael Lesch, 1269 Pembrooke Drive, Salem.
ST. CLAIR TOWNSHIP (2 to elect)
Peter Metrovich*, 49698 Berkshire Road, East Liverpool; Robert Swickard*, 46975 Oak St., East Liverpool; Ben Springer, 16550 Longs Church Road, East Liverpool.
SALEM TOWNSHIP (2 to elect)
August Cerrone, 8 Washington St., Leetonia; John Wilms*, 38350 Lodge Road, Leetonia; William Heston, 5480 Yates Road, Salem; Thomas Eastek Sr., 4450 Lisbon Road, Leetonia; David Halverstadt, 802 Cunningham Road, Salem.
UNITY TOWNSHIP (2 to elect)
Timothy Weigle*, 49498 England Drive, East Palestine; Kathy McCarthy*, 56 N. Liberty St., East Palestine; John Shearer, 1633 Brookdale Ave., East Palestine; David Peters, 594 W. North Ave., East Palestine; David Hugar, 658 Beard Road, Lot 2-B, East Palestine.
Jeff Lewis*, 24 North St., Salineville; James Sevek, 18465 Clarks Mill Road, Hammondsville; Kenny Rose*, 18367 Steubenville Pike Road, Salineville; Wayne Leishman, 322 Foundry Hill Road, Salineville.
WAYNE TOWNSHIP (2 to elect)
William Rowley*, 12158 state Route 164, Lisbon; Harvey Price*, 12698 state Route 164, Lisbon; Fred DeSellem, 35613 Hull Road, Salineville.
WEST TOWNSHIP (2 to elect)
Michael Ray, 23256 Rinker Road, Minerva; Arnold Garren, 6424 Lowmiller Road, Minerva; Jim Falconer*, 11159 Walker Road, Minerva; Dale Lowmiller*, 24029 state Route 172, Minerva.
R. Andrew Frischkorn, 42535 Old Irondale Road, Wellsville; David Boyd*, 42454 Oak Ridge Road, Wellsville; James Crawford II, 42850 10th St. Extension, Wellsville; Ralph Samberson*, 18274 Nicholson Road, Wellsville; Glenn Duck, 42836 Ball Ave., Wellsville.
EAST LIVERPOOL (2 to elect)
Brian Farnsworth, 955 Park Blvd.; Maureen Aronoff*, 624 Blackmore St.; Vincent Drago, 3214 Kingsridge Court.
EAST PALESTINE (3 to elect)
Robert Ginder*, 443 E. Grant St.; Nancy Clark*, 400 Brookdale Ave.; Kim Maxwell*, 756 Pinetree Circle; Patricia Sugar, 256 W. Martin St.; Marnie Bistarkey, 340 E. Main St.
SALEM (2 to elect)
Atty. Geoffrey Goll, 1989 Quaker Lane; Cindy Rottenborn, 925 Home Circle; William Thorne*, 1500 Quaker Lane; Kathryn Gano, 343 Highland Ave.
WELLSVILLE (2 to elect)
Thomas Brophey*, 607 Riverside Ave.; Alfonso Traina, 17308 Crews Road.
COLUMBIANA (3 to elect plus an unexpired term)
Bill Greenwalt*, 42249 Edward Circle; Jay Hertel, 120 N. Elm St.; David Dale*, 282 state Route 7.
LEETONIA (3 to elect)
Joe Wilson Sr., 153 Pine St., Leetonia; Dennis Falzetta*, 38664 Butcher Road, Leetonia; Danny Ferry, 405 Chestnut St., Leetonia; Gerald Van Fossan, 3249 Grafton Road, Leetonia; Mike Grunick, 720 Senior St., Washingtonville; David Kornbau, 135 Chris Ave., Washingtonville.
LISBON (3 to elect plus an unexpired term)
Eugene Gallo*, 75 North St.; Gary Peruchetti Sr.*, 39870 state Route 517; John Krotky, 22 Garfield St.; James Smith*, 6393 Allen Drive.; Jeff Elliott, 109 Summit St.
BEAVER (2 to elect)
Alice Fraser*, 44194 Hammond School Road, Wellsville; Craig Dietz*, 9201 N. Yuma Trail, Negley; Keith Meredith, 13216 Glenn Road, Lisbon.
CRESTVIEW (2 to elect)
Daniel Simmons Jr.*, 5810 Adams Road, Rogers; Becky Esterly, 42726 Kelly Park Road, Columbiana.
SOUTHERN (3 to elect)
Linda Morris*, 42254 Dan Smith Road, Wellsville; John Repella*, 17710 McCormick Run Road, Salineville; William Pitts*, 65 W. Main St., Salineville; Roger Bickel, 515 Jefferson St., Salineville.
UNITED (3 to elect)
Loretta McKinley, 3408 Slater Road, Salem; Brenda Thompson*, 31118 Winona Road, Salem; Susan Drotleff, 31693 Tower Road, Salem; Anne McKarns*, 25940 state Route 172, Minerva; William Baker, 6666 Lakeview Drive, Hanoverton.
Lou Ann Baker*, 39801 state Route 39, Wellsville; Lynda Dickson*, 15516 McDonald Road, Lisbon; Irene Bonidie*, 1337 10th St., Wellsville.
Columbiana County renewal levy of 1.5 mills for five years for Robert Bycroft School and Sheltered Workshop operations.
Columbiana County Park District additional levy of 0.2 mills for five years for Greenway Trail and other park facilities.
Columbiana charter amendments for organization of city council and public service department.
East Palestine charter amendment for removal of any council member who is habitually absent or tardy for council meetings.
New Waterford renewal levy of 1.9 mills for five years for operating expenses.
Wellsville replacement levy of 1.5 mills for five years for police.
Wellsville renewal levy of 1 mill for five years for current expenses.
Minerva renewal levy of 1.8 mills for five years for emergency medical services.
Butler Township renewal levy of 3 mills for five years for roads.
Hanover Township renewal levy of 1 mill for five years for roads.
Fairfield Township Fire District renewal levy of 1.5 mills for five years for fire protection.
Fairfield Township replacement levy of 1.6 mills for five years for roads.
Madison Township additional levy of 4 mills for five years for fire protection.
Middleton Township question whether to zone the township.
West Township replacement levy of 2 mills for five years for roads.
Yellow Creek Township renewal levy of 1.1 mills for five years for roads.
Leetonia schools renewal levy of 9 mills for five years for operating expenses.
Minerva schools additional levy of 5.2 mills for 28 years for a bond issue for improving schools.
Leetonia option for Precinct B for Sunday sales for Linam's Quick Stop, 433 Columbiana St.
St. Clair Township option for Calcutta Precinct for sale of beer, wine and mixed beverages for Giant Eagle, 15937 state Route 170.
Salem Township option for Northeast Precinct for sale of beer and intoxicating liquor at Mason's Steakhouse, 38135 state Route 14.
Wayne Township option for Wayne Township Precinct for Sunday sales of beer at Farmer Bill's Carry-Out, 13408 state Route 164.
Source: Boards of elections in Trumbull and Columbiana counties

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