Marriage licenses
Frank A. Petak Jr., 32, of 8254 Longview Drive, Warren, and Malanie A. Snell, 28, of 2832-C Ivy Hill Circle, Cortland.
John E. McConnell, 30, of 258 E. Kline St., Girard, and Jaclyn N. Reynolds, 23 of same.
Shawn P. Finnerty, 33, of 4488 N. Lake Road, West Farmington, and Christy Everett, 25, of same.
Kevin T. Tvaroch, 25, of 3346 Carson Salt Springs Road, Warren, and Suzanne Stamper, 23, of 37 Cherokee Drive, Girard.
Ramon L. Morris, 39, of 668 Third St., Warren, and Felicia Richardson, 29, of 547 Phillips Drive, Warren.
Timothy J. Rankin, 25, and 323 Main St., Tiltonsville, Ohio, and Kristen A. Noble, 21, of 5749 Logan Arms Drive, Girard.
Lester E. Lampman Sr., 69, of 1756 Sweetbrier S. W., Warren, and Maxcene M. Sullivan, 49, of 135 N. Hazelwood Ave., Youngstown.
Dale E. Calvin, 72, of 3415 Templeton N. W., Warren, and Zoma B. Bolton, 64, of 11586 state Route 118, Van Wert, Ohio.
Scott C. Spetsios, 30, of 19 Lakewood Drive, Vienna, and Sarah Andrews, 26, of same.
Ernest L. Reagan, 27, of 1375 Larchmont, Warren, and Mary A. Lopez, 29, of 115 N. Garland, Youngstown.
Rodney D. Powell, 35, of 2516 Weir Road, Warren, and Lori A. Lytle, 33, of same.
Bernard J. McDermott III, 33, of 148 W. 6th Ave., Conshottocken, Pa., and Melissa D. Liepold, 28, of same.
Richard A. Rhodes, 34, of 2915 Northwest Blvd. N. W., Warren, and Rachel R. Hudak, 25, of same.
Nick B. Nicholas, 34, of 1525 Stewart Circle, Warren, and Amy M. Kropp, 29, of same.
David S. Malie, 32, of 46463 Hanford Road, Canton, and Christine K. Sherman, 26, of same.
James P. Starcher, 32, of 2620 Greenville Road, Cortland, and Joleen R. Caldwell, 32, of same.
David J. Clendenin, 23, of 4506 Warren Ravenna Road, Newton Falls, and Lori A. Valot, 24, of same.
Robert F. Gushura, 32, of 1657 Bradford St. N.W., Warren, and Laura L. Goff, 26, of 8063 Gotham Road, Garrettsville.
Larry R. Reeher, 43, of 540 Fenton St., Niles, and Theresa L. Osborn, 41, of same.
Robert E. Shilakis, 42, of 2455 Cadwallader Sonk, Cortland, and Sisca R. Maryulis, 26, of JL Puri Mutiara, Jakarta, Indonesia.
Andrew P. Patrick, 31, of 1496 Atlantic, Warren, and Constance L. Phares, 35, of same.
Gregoiry A. Black, 20, of 231 S. High Street, Cortland, and Amy E. Lockney, 19, of 660 Henn Hyde Road, Warren.
Joseph M. Sasala, 24, of 6498 state Route 7, Kinsman, and Stacy L. Wilkerson, 20, of 286 S. Mercer St., Greenville, Pa.
Scott E. Mort, 24, of 8415 Main St. N.E., Kinsman, and Tatum S. Romine, 23, of same.
Kelly S. Sexton, 32, of 2134 W. Market St., Warren, and Kandface L. Marlowe, 29, of same.
James R. Boyle, 21, of 220 Sheridan Ave., Niles, and Jenifer L. Seybert, 22, of same.
Brian T. Walters, 32, of 1079 Raymond St. N.W., Warren, and Joyce A. Collins, 33, of same.
Edward M. Morrison Jr., 34, of 315 Cherry Ave., Niles, and Susan K. Bishop, 19, of same.
Brian R. Vennetti, 25, of 3002-C Ivy Hill Circle, Cortland, and Michelle M. Stellato, 23, of 751 Tudor Lane, Boardman.
Michael J. Weidner, 41, of 136 Caroline Ave., Hubbard, and Deborah A. Fennell, 43, of 518 W. Liberty St., Hubbard.
George R. Durica, 51, of 2686 Bazetta Road, Warren, and Jill D. Fry, 44, of same.
Kenneth M. Christner, 26, of 1557 Arlington Ave., Warren, and Camillia D. Ryans, 26, of same.
Lawrence A. Noble, 25, of 2796 Timberline Drive, Cortland, and Karon M. Smith, 21, of 20 Arms Blvd., Niles.
Divorces asked
Marilyn K. Miller vs. Michael D. Miller.
Guy J. Treater Jr. vs. Darlene A. Treater.
Brenda J. Damis vs. James C. Damis.
Judy A. Fairbanks vs. Charles R. Fairbanks.
Kerrianne Moore vs. Jason Moore.
Mary L. Hall vs. Patrick Alonzo.
Dissolutions asked
Linda J. Rogers and Michael S. Rogers.
Arlene M. Blessing and Daniel R. Blessing.
Ernest R White II and Marlene White.
Catherine M. Beatty and Kevin J. Beatty.
Kelly E. Plock and Jennifer A. Plock.
Diana D. Hillyer and Charles W. Hillyer.
Domestic violence/Civil protection orders filed
Kelly T. Warren vs. Robert W. Ewest.
Tara Behun vs. Brian Koper.
April Harris vs. Ian L. Folmar.
James L. Ruckman vs. Jennifer S. Ruckman.
Michelle D. Hurd vs. David D. Hurd.
Theresa Herrick vs. James Herrick.
Legal separations filed
Lynda Roszak vs. Anthony Roszak.
Shirley Dilkes vs. Lin E. Dilks.
Susan Arruda vs. Dr. Robert J. Arruda.
Cases dismissed
Carole J. Altman vs. Charles W. Altman.
Mary E. Depizzo vs. Nicholas J. Depizzo.
Angel Walton vs. James J. Walton Jr.
Twila Frazier vs. John R. Greer Jr.
Dissolutions granted
Kathryn Saban and Paul Saban.
Albert E. Phoenix and Yvonne R. Phoenix.
Steven R. Haynie and Brandi Haynie; wife restores name to Ambrose.
Cynthia K. Redmond and James A. Redmond.
James Dripps and Mary Ann Dripps.
Kimberly I. Smith and Steven R. Smith.
Scott J. Baker and Brandy M. Baker.
Diana Davilla and Vincent Davilla Sr.
Susan M. Scott and Harold N. Scott Jr.
Melody J. Beall and Charles J. Beall; wife restores name to Noel.
David A. Salinski and Jeannie M. Salinski.
David K. Bradley Jr. and Barbara A. Bradley; wife restores name to Kosinski.
Bruce H. Luntz and Darlene Sigler.
Dawn Reed and Eric J. Reed.
Divorces granted
Amy L. Starkey vs. Harrell R. Starkey.
Sherry L. Morgan vs. Peter Morgan, divorce to plaintiff.
Guyla Archer vs. Raymond P. Archer, divorce to defandent.
Diane Landis vs. David L. Landis, divorce to both.
Jeneen Griffith vs. Adam Griffith, divorce to plaintiff.
Timothy Revis vs. Timothy Revis, divorce to plaintiff.
Gloria Anderson vs. Jesse C. Anderson, divorce to plaintiff.
Dawn Bowers vs. Dennis Bowers, divorce to plaintiff; wife restores name to Conlan.
John R. Schuller vs. Marie H. Schuller.
Debra Miller vs. Rick Miller, divorce to plaintiff.
Mary Ann Lesniak vs. Raymond Lesniak.
Patricia Scarpaci vs. Jeffrey Harris, divorce to plaintiff.
Divorces asked
Jessica Leepard, 42931 state Route 518, Lisbon, vs. Brian Leepard, 11558 Roller Coaster Road, Lisbon.
Divorces granted
Jennifer Holisky vs. Michael Holisky.
Michael McKinney vs. Linda McKinney.
Mary Seskey vs. William Seskey.
Dissolutions asked
Nathan Muniz, 23040 Buck Road, Alliance, and Brandi Muniz, 1153 West Perry St., Salem.
Alfred Johnson, 528 First Ave., East Liverpool, and Cynthia Johnson, 377 Pennsylvania Ave., Rochester, Pa.
New complaints
Bank of America vs. Joan Mesenger, money.
Grange Mutual Casualty Co. vs. State Farm Mutual Automobile Ins., personal injury.
Dissolutions granted
Steven Partezana and Sharon Partezana.
Real estate transfers
Estate of George Clark to Claudia Roeder, Salem, $88,500.
Jason Pierson et al to Mark Bixler, Salem, $67,500.
Nancy Barton to James King, Salem, $57,000.
Thomas Orr et al to Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp., East Palestine, $20,000.
Michael Hughes et al to James Vidman et al, East Palestine, $75,900.
Claybrook Development to Mary Liberatore, East Palestine, $120,000.
John Wise to Phyllis Wise, Liverpool Twp., $50,000.
Trinity Presbyterian Church to Michael David et al, Liverpool Twp., $55,000.
William Richey et al to Tara Riggs et al, Unity Township, $20,000.
Raymond Lindsay to James Booher et al, Unity Twp., $12,000.
Robert Alderman et al to Kristy Wallace et al, Center Twp., $63,000.
Robert Bell et al to Katherine Bell, Center Twp., $2,650.
Terri Adkins to Randy Smith, East Liverpool, $25,000.
Paul Stevens et al to Robert Waltz et al, St. Clair Twp., $158,000.
Ruth McBride to Rosanna Rogers, Columbiana, $400.
Mabel Black to Bryan Campbell et al, Columbiana, $75,000.
Iyad Saleh et al to Daryl Smith et al, Columbiana, $135,000.
David Halverstadt et al to William Long et al, Salem Twp., $1,500.
David Smith to George Franklin, Elkrun Twp., $20,000.
Edward May to Gene Bergman, West Twp., $12,300.
Estate of June Sands to Carole Waggle et al, St. Clair Twp., $144,250.
Marie Raley to Ricky Wylie, Rogers, $28,000.
Docket entries
State of Ohio vs. Joey R. Seaman, court modifies sentence to three years community control with other conditions.
State of Ohio vs. Joey R. Seaman, court modifies sentence to three years community control, to enter and complete residential program at CCA and other conditions.
State of Ohio vs. Louis A. Buccilli, dismissed.
State of Ohio vs. Shawn D. Wymer, previous terms of community control are reimposed with other conditions for violation of community control.
State of Ohio vs. Dana M. Wallace, sentence suspended, granted one year non-reporting probation for attempted possession of cocaine.
State of Ohio vs. James E. Fitzgerald, sentenced to 12 months for possession of cocaine, to run consecutively.
State of Ohio vs. Scot Semer, sentenced to enter and complete residential program at CCA, five years community control, make restitution and driver's license suspended for six months, for 3 counts of trafficking in drugs.
State of Ohio vs. Isaac Taylor, sentenced to two years community control and to complete residential program at CCA.
State of Ohio vs. Anthony Wallace, sentenced to six months for possession of cocaine, balance of sentence suspended.
State of Ohio vs. David Bricker, court finds defendant remains mentally ill and subject to hospitalization for minimum of six months.
State of Ohio vs. Tami L. Norberg, court imposes one year community control and to obtain mental health counseling for possession of cocaine.
State of Ohio vs. Robert P. Blasko, dismissed.
State of Ohio vs. Duvan Kimbrough, sentenced to 18 months and driver's license suspended for six months, to run concurrently for attempted possession of cocaine.
Douglas S. Caldwell et al vs. Petersburg Stone et al, judgment for defendant.
Stephen R. Gondor et al vs. Stephen T. Slivka et al, dismissed.
Musa H. Alhamid vs. General American Insurance, dismissed.
Cincinnati Insurance vs. Brian M. Niznik et al, plaintiff entitled to partial summary judgment on conversion by defendant, Brian Niznik against Pennsylvania Tool Sales & amp; Service Inc.
Raymond J. Schneider vs. Mahoning County et al, dismissed.
Ernest Nicholson IV vs. Lt. Robert Rupp, dismissed.
Joseph M. Valentino vs. Gasser Chair et al, settled.
Mahoning County Treasurer vs. William R. Johnson, M.D. et al, confirmation of sale.
Julia Rolland vs. St. Elizabeth Health Center et al, settled and dismissed.
Snyder Electric and Hardrives Paving & amp; Construction, settled and dismissed.
Sky Bank vs. Raymond M. Janik et al, dismissed.
National City Bank vs. Theresa I. Anderson et al, judgment for plaintiff.
Bankers Trust as custodian vs. Deloise Houston et al, dismissed.
Brad V. Masternick et al vs. Daniel J. Butler et al, default judgment for plaintiff.
AIG Energy Inc. vs. Donna J. Morrocco, dismissed.
American Investment vs. James L. Payne, judgment for plaintiff.
GMAC Mortgage vs. Elaine Bevly et al, foreclosure.
Fidelity Bank vs. Mathew Stephens et al, foreclosure.
Frank Peachock et al vs. Compass West Apartments, settled and dismissed.
National City Bank vs. Ronald Tamburino et al, dismissed.
George Fedorisin et al vs. Douglas Everett et al, settled and dismissed.
Sue Degan vs. Miquel Lebron et al, dismissed.
James Turek vs. James B. Beight, judgment for plaintiff.
State of Ohio vs. Lawrence Plante et al, sentenced to six years for burglary; two years for pandering obscenity involving a minor; and one year for illegal use of a minor in nudity oriented material or performance; count 3 to run consecutively to count 2, count 4 run concurrently; and court finds defendant is a sexual predator with other conditions.

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