BROOKFIELD Pig's in trouble: Who squealed?

PiggyBaby is very protective, her owner said.
BROOKFIELD -- This little piggy didn't stay home, and it got her into trouble.
PiggyBaby bit a man who lives nearby.
The pig's owner, Christa Bielobockie of North Albright McKay Road, said she doesn't understand why. The nearly 600-pound black-and-white sow usually is very gentle and prefers her food cooked, Bielobockie said.
"I don't know if the man tried to restrain her or what, but she hasn't done anything like this before," Bielobockie said this morning.
"She won't even eat her vegetables raw -- I have to cook her food."
Police said that at about 3:30 p.m. Saturday, PiggyBaby repeatedly bit a 52-year-old man who was working behind his home, on Warren-Sharon Road.
The man was treated at a local hospital.
Possible explanation: "She is very protective," Bielobockie said. "She follows us around all the time. I believe this man was cutting wood, and my husband cuts wood for a living, so she may have thought that was my husband cutting wood and went to find him."
Bielobockie has had PiggyBaby since the pig was 2 weeks old. PiggyBaby is 18 months old now.
"She is like our pet," Bielobockie said. "The kids sit on her. We have pictures of the kids sitting on her. She is wonderful."
Bielobockie noted that the pig has wandered off from time to time. "She likes one of our neighbor's dogs, and she will go there to visit, but she hasn't been a problem," Bielobockie said.
Charges uncertain: Dan Faustino, Brookfield's police chief, said he doesn't know if any charges will be filed.
"We have to confer with the prosecutor, and I'm not even sure if there are any laws dealing with pigs," Faustino said.

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