Manager: People donating time are excellent workers

CANFIELD -- Every year, hundreds of people volunteer to work at the Canfield Fair, judging contests, working in tents or helping promote the fair.
In fact, fair manager Bev Fisher said she can't even give an approximate number of volunteers.
"It's too many to tell," she said. "We have people who just show up and do things who didn't even tell us they were volunteering."
They can always use the help, Fisher said, but the problem is that many of the volunteers want to work in areas that are filled quickly.
"Like arts and crafts. The ladies always want to work there and see all of the nice work, but a lot of times we already have enough people there," Fisher said. "They often get into a position they don't want."
Still, Fisher said the fair doesn't have any trouble getting volunteers.
"And the ones we get are excellent," she said. "They love it. They have to love it, because it's long hours and a lot of work. Your heart has to be in it."
Fisher said some volunteers even take vacations from work to help out at the fair.
"That is very amazing, but like I said, they do it because they love it," Fisher said.
Many of the fair volunteers have been helping for years, and that makes Fisher's job much easier.
"They already understand what needs to be done, and they know a lot of the people," she said. "We get excellent help."

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