1-7 p.m.: Booth setup and distribution of packets to advisers, Building 25.
1-9 p.m.: Booth setup and distribution of packets to advisers, Building 25.5 p.m.: Saddle horse decorations must be complete.
8 a.m. to 8 p.m.: Livestock check-in, except for dairy animals, which follow open dairy check-in times.8 a.m. to 5 p.m.: Booth setup, Building 25.5 p.m.: Booths must be complete.8 p.m.: Livestock must be in place; flower box entries due at Junior Fair office; horseman/horsewoman written test.9 p.m.: Final check-in to pick up packets.
8 a.m.: Canfield Fair officially opens.9 a.m.: Saddle horse four-station grading, North Saddle Horse Ring; skillathon during four-station with production grading to follow; market livestock weigh-in, livestock scales; placement of booth awards, Building 25.10 a.m.: Building 25 opens, distribution of club packets.1-1:30 p.m.: Bed race registration, Junior Fair office.2 p.m.: Bed race, north side of race track.4 p.m.: Horseman/horsewoman riding test, North Saddle Horse Ring.4:30 p.m.: Junior Fair 70th anniversary celebration, Coliseum.5 p.m.: Market swine showmanship, Coliseum; llama obstacle course, Saddle Horse North Ring.6:30 p.m.: First-, second- and third-year saddle horse show, Saddle Horse North Ring.
8 a.m.: Market swine judging, Coliseum.8:30 a.m.: Dairy showmanship, South Cattle Complex, with junior dairy breed show following.9 a.m.: Equitation, contest, trail, western riding, reining grading.10 a.m.: Opening ceremonies.11 a.m.: Market, carcass and breeding lamb show, Coliseum.1:30 p.m.: Junior Fair awards and Outstanding Families, Concourse Stage.2 p.m.: Rabbit and poultry meat pen judging, Barn 10.3 p.m.: Poultry breed judging, Coliseum; rabbit doe and litter, Barn 10.4 p.m.: Saddle horse opening ceremonies, club presentations, state fair participants, sportsmanship awards, horseman/horsewoman presentation.5:30 p.m.: Dog agility demonstration, North Saddle Horse Ring; livestock sale, poultry.6:30 p.m.: Saddle Horse Contest Fun Show.7 p.m.: Lamb and swine sale, Coliseum.
8 a.m.: Beef fitting and showmanship, Coliseum.9 a.m.: Saddle horse equitation over fences, grading and championships, followed by Hunter Classic and then Cloverbud Show, Saddle Horse North Ring; stick horse showmanship, barrels and pleasure.9:30 a.m.: Beef sale, Coliseum.11:30 a.m.: Feeder calf showmanship, Coliseum.1 p.m.: dairy beef judging, beef feeder to follow.5:30 p.m.: Goat fudge sale, rabbit meat pens, livestock sale, Coliseum; dog agility, Saddle Horse North Ring.6:30 p.m.: Saddle Horse Pleasure Fun Show.7 p.m.: Pocket pet costume class, Barn 10; livestock sale, market beef followed by market feeders, Coliseum.
8 a.m.: Rabbit judging, Coliseum.9 a.m.: Saddle horse championships, North Saddle Horse Ring.11 a.m.: Fashion revue, Building 25 auditorium.Noon: Llama costume class, Coliseum.5 p.m.: Pocket pet cage decorating contest, Barn 10; beef breeding projects following open beef breeding, South Cattle Complex.8-11 p.m.: Youth dance, Coliseum.
11 a.m.: Saddle horse championships, North Saddle Horse Ring.Noon: Dog demonstration, Coliseum.1 p.m.: Poultry showmanship; goat show, Coliseum; Dress-A-Cow Contest, South Cattle Complex.1:45 p.m.: Dairy cheese auction, South Cattle Complex.3 p.m.: Youth ice cream social, Building 25 auditorium; pocket pet breed judging, Coliseum.3:30 p.m.: Wee Ones showmanship, South Cattle Complex.5 p.m.: Ice cream social, junior fair activities, South Dairy Complex.6 p.m.: Rabbit costume class, Coliseum.
9 a.m.: Saddle Horse Old Fashion Fun Show, North Saddle Horse Ring; individual dairy judging contest, South Dairy Complex.10 a.m.: Goat costume class, pocket pet showmanship, Coliseum.10:30 a.m.: Llama exhibition, Coliseum.11 a.m.: consumer shopping bag contest, Building 25.1:30 p.m.: Ole Time market livestock show, Coliseum.2:30 p.m.: Market livestock showman of showmen.3 p.m.: Battle of the Barns registration, Junior Fair office.9 p.m.: Projects released.

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