GIRL SCOUTS Then and now

Girl Scouts say things have changed dramatically over the last 90 years. To illustrate that point, they show the difference in badges and their requirements over the years:
Matron Housekeeper (1913): Use a vacuum cleaner or stain and polish hardware floors; store fur and flannels; clean glass, kitchen utensils, brass and silverware; know three cuts of meat and the prices of each.
Electrician (1920): Learn simple battery connections and fusions; learn to rescue and resuscitate someone who has been electrocuted; learn about nonconducting substances and insulation.
Cyclist (1920): Offer her bicycle to the government in case of need; learn to read a map; learn to fix a flat tire.
Ms. Fix-It (2001): Replace a broken windowpane safely; demonstrate how to repair a leaking toilet; help with some painting, papering or other repair work to walls; find out what changes could be made to a home to save water.
Making It Matter (2001): Take apart a simple appliance to see how it works; make a polymer using household chemicals; use CAD (computer-assisted design) to build a model and test how the design will work.
Adventure Sports (2001): Demonstrate skills in rock climbing, surfing, mountain biking and kayaking; find ways to lessen the impact of adventure sports on the environment.

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