Chase Manhattan vs. John J. Deavers et al, dismissed.
State of Ohio vs. Rochelle Scott, court imposes three years community control for trafficking in cocaine and driver's license suspended for one year, with other conditions.
State of Ohio vs. Donald Tucker, sentenced to one year for two counts of receiving stolen property, to run concurrently.
State of Ohio vs. Margaret A. Williams, sentence suspended, put on two years probation and to make restitution for theft and tampering with records.
State of Ohio vs. Michael C. Hutch, court imposes six months community control for possession of cocaine.
State of Ohio vs. Deon D. Burley, sentence suspended, granted one year probation for attempted trafficking in marijuana.
State of Ohio vs. Wesley Walker, sentence suspended, granted one year monthly reporting probation for permitting drug abuse.
State of Ohio vs. Robert L. Scott, sentence imposed, reimposed for probation violation.
First Select Corp. vs. Pauline E. Korda, dismissed.
Sylvia Toombs et al vs. Donald Davis et al, settled and dismissed.
Patricia Dragovich vs. HM Health Services et al, settled and dismissed.
LaSalle Bank NA vs. Angela L. Dunner et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.
Marcial Davis vs. Accustaff Inc. et al, settled and dismissed.
Alison M. Campbell vs. Michael A. Rothbauer, dismissed.
Terno and Assoc. Inc. vs. Matrix Group Ltd., dismissed.
Progressive Insurance vs. Rethea A. Spann, dismissed.
U.S. Bank NA vs. Ed Damron et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.
R.T. Vernal Paving and Excavating Inc. vs. Mace Brothers Excavating, dismissed.
MTG Electronic vs. George P. Murgberger et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.
Lester Darnell vs. James Conrad, admin. et al, dismissed.
National City Bank Columbus vs. Estate of Foort E. Cook Jr. et al, foreclosure.
MTG Electronic vs. Beatrice Jones et al, foreclosure.
Mahoning County Treasurer vs. Ruby Bankston et al, foreclosure.
Mahoning County Treasurer vs. Joseph Hartfield Jr. et al, foreclosure.
Manufacturers and Traders vs. Roger Clark et al, dismissed.
Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota vs. William E. Gabriel et al, foreclosure.
Bank One vs. Linda D. Reese et al, foreclosure.
Milton Mitchell vs. John Westerfield, judgment for plaintiff.
Bank of New York vs. Thomas A. Krichbaum et al, foreclosure.
Gabriel Palmer Fernandez vs. Clara Jennings, judgment for plaintiff.
Providian Bank vs. Diana Summerland, dismissed.
Midfirst Bank vs. Mark L. Cook et al, Richard Roe, unknown occupant of 82 Park Ave., Struthers only, dismissed.
Truserv Corp. vs. George Hoffmeister, judgment of cognovit note for plaintiff.
Ivan Albertson vs. Youngstown Steel Service et al, settled and dismissed.
Doris Chew vs. Sharella A. Thomas, settled and dismissed.
National Restaurant Development Ltd. vs. Lester M. Szabados, settled.
V'erra Vaugh et al vs. Sharella Thomas, settled and dismissed.
Dorothy J. Weilbruda et al vs. Giannios Candy Inc. et al, settled and dismissed.
Calvinia Barnette vs. Hills Dept. Store et al, settled and dismissed.
Will of Loretta J. Thompson: estate to Dorothy M. Notman and Helen McGarry.
Will of Jack A. Hull Jr.: estate to wife, Ethel M.
Will of Helen L. Deeter: estate to husband, Dilbert D.
Will of Caroline M. Zitnik: estate to husband, Joseph V.
Cedant Mobility Financial Corp. to Robert E. McClaren et al, Washingtonville, $93,000.
Carol J. Lichtenstein to Francisco A. Mateo, Boardman Twp., $139,900.
Melia Kimberly et al to Jeffrey Bradley, Austintown Twp., $105,500.
Mill Creek Homes Ltd. to John Fabry et al, Canfield City, $37,000.
Lentine et al to Angelo Gentile et al, Youngstown, $64,000.
Sami Rafidi et al to Olga Rafidi, Youngstown, $2,000.
Ann Dimoff Gagye to Gregory G. Lipka et al, Youngstown, $69,000.
Michael J. Kinger to Janette R. McAndrew et al, Canfield City, $64,000.
Christine M. Kinger to Janette McAndrew et al, Canfield City, $64,000.
Donald H. Snyder Jr. to Robert R. Singer Jr. et al, Springfield Twp., $94,000.
Barth & amp; Richardson Management Ltd. to Latessa Construction Ltd., Springfield Twp., $25,000.
Dolores R. Romeo to Robert L. Bloomberg, Struthers, $85,000.
John J. Lamanna et al to Cendant Mobility Services Inc., Canfield Twp., $277,500.
John V. Williams et al to Patrick J. Briceland et al, Poland, $71,000.
William R. Weikart Jr. et al to Roberts Family Properties Ltd., Beaver Twp., $127,900.
Joseph Butler IV to Carl L. Myers et al, New Middletown, $65,000.
John G. Timblin et al to Rocco S. Ague et al, Youngstown, $69,900.
James D. Chismark et al to Joshua J. Dickerson et al, Youngstown, $32,500.
Cynthia C. Jurczak to Russell O. Hake, Youngstown, $28,500.
Donald R. Kirk to Andrew Samuels Jr. et al, Canfield, $128,000.
Mario O. Cua et al to Ralph J. Perrico III, Canfield Twp., $255,000.
James P. Mullarkey to Joyce A. Bell, Youngstown, $46,000.
William C. Mokrovich et al to Thomas J. Connors, Boardman Twp., $120,000.
Tami L. Sikora, aka Tami L. Reese, aka Tami L. Nichols, 6910 Trenholm Road, Youngstown, cashier, Cinemark, Tinsel Town; liabilities, $334,477; assets, $71,820.
Robert C. Bland, 3430 Flo Lor Drive, Youngstown, guard, Ohio One Corp.; liabilities, $34,926; assets, $4,550.
George P. III and Kerry L. Jones, 304 Grant St., Newell, W.Va., he: none shown; she: none shown; liabilities, $25,881; assets, $1,000.
Anthony R. Romeo Jr., 127 Fairdale Ave., Campbell, none; liabilities, $10,351; assets, $100.
William L. Lempka, 2195 Hubbard Road, Youngstown, counselor, Community Solutions; liabilities, $66,841; assets, $38,860.
Dawn Milanowski, 463 Garden Valley Court, Boardman, server, Jillian's, liabilities, $19,080; assets, $270.
Macsen N. Harasyn, 601 E. Kline St., Girard, none; liabilities, $17,280; assets, $1,694.
Lester D. Varner Jr., 1322 Clark St., Box 1295A, East Liverpool, classified RTM, Burns International Security; liabilities, $12,000; assets, $4,105.
Tammy L. Williams, 336 School Street, Youngstown, medical secretary, Forum Health; liabilities, $62,034; assets, $3,820.
Wendell A. and Mary Ellen Kennedy, 6377 Stoney Ridge Drive, Austintown, he: driver, Premier Expedited Services Inc.; she: bank teller, Farmer's National Bank; liabilities, $150,855; assets, $4,050.
Jason A. Lewton, 4543 Kirk Road #13, Austintown, mechanic, True 2 Form Collision Repair; liabilities, $52,668; assets, $2,951.
Jeanette M. Plunchinsky, 2465 Gladwae Drive, Youngstown, labor, Parker-Hannifin; liabilities, $118,100; assets, $45,510.
Randall W. Perkins, 540 Bennington Ave., Youngstown, assembler, Delphi; liabilities, $53,254; assets, $43,010.
Jesse L. Boyd, 122 Carroll, Youngstown, labor, Callos; liabilities, $11,701; assets, $1,200.
Jenita J. Howell, 66 Hilton Ave., Youngstown, shipping, General Extrusions; liabilities, $57,865; assets, $20,227.
Deborah Krause, 567 Edward Lane, Campbell, retail, Dillard's; liabilities, $88,404; assets, $81,800.
Joseph A. and Avis D. Santiago, 3635 Shelby Road, Youngstown, he: Masters Tuxedo; she: none; liabilities, $57,135; assets, $57,801.
Whitacre Systems Inc. vs. D. Cummins X Press Inc., settled and dismissed.
Timothy Everett vs. Mack Industries, settled and dismissed.
Kenneth W. Miller vs. Trumbull County Disaster, dismissed.
Roberta Ann Merriman vs. Emilita F. Torres, M.D., dismissed.
Shelby J. Bellard vs. Morris M. levy, dismissed.
Willie L. Davis vs. James Conrad, admin., settled.
Donna Schieffer vs. Humility of Mary Health, dismissed.
Donald Harnett vs. Jason Moy, settled and dismissed.
Terry W. Shaffer vs. Melissa D. Dinsio, dismissed.
John A. Joanou vs. Auditor and Board et al, dismissed.
Regions Bank vs. Robert R. Johnson, confirmation of sale.
Tammie Kidwell vs. Stanwade Metal Products, dismissed.
Chiesa Pierce vs. Donald Wilke II, dismissed.
Trumbull County Treasurer vs. Robert J. Taylor, foreclosure.
Charles E. Robinson vs. Shane D. White, dismissed.
Wells Fargo Home Mtg. Inc. vs. Matt Brylo, settled and dismissed.
Richard L. Williams vs. Timothy R. Fabian, dismissed.
Rick Harp vs. Shelly Spiller, settled and dismissed.
Greater Warren Community vs. Joseph L. Celedonia, dismissed.
United States of America vs. Melissa J. Dubravcak, dismissed.
Trumbull County Treasurer vs. Thomas C. Griswold, dismissed.
Trumbull County Treasurer vs. Joseph J. Procick, dismissed.
Ronald A. Prox vs. Constance Fullmer, settled and dismissed.
Elizabeth Murphy vs. Franklin P. Murphy, cognovit judgment granted.
St. Andrew's Home Inc. vs. Father Jon Henry, partial satisfaction of judgment.
Eric Nicholas vs. State Farm Insurance, dismissed.
Richard A. Murnock vs. One Day Inc., settled and dismissed.
Charles Marino vs. Lone Star Steakhouse et al, dismissed.
Dennis Stevens et al vs. David Provitt, dismissed.
Collen R. Baur Keener vs. Alice P. Town, satisfaction of judgment.
Brian Orr vs. Jason Deshetler, settled and dismissed.
Annie R. Barnett vs. Trumbull County et al, settled.
Jane Tock vs. Hills Stores Inc., settled.
Countrywide Home Loans vs. estate of Gilbert C. et al, confirmation of sale.
Leader Mortgage vs. John R. Stull Jr., confirmation of sale.
LaSalle Bank National vs. Rodney L. Graham, foreclosure.
Allstate Insurance vs. Frank C. Kuhn III, dismissed.
First Place Bank vs. Samuel S. Hernon, confirmation of sale.
Bank One NA vs. Jeffrey P. Duty, foreclosure.
Betty G. Wolf vs. James Dambrogio, settled.
Robert J. Sabanick vs. Scott A. Vesey, dismissed.
Trumbull County Treasurer vs. John Daniel Dicenso, foreclosure.
Trumbull County Treasurer vs. Edward F. Mayle, foreclosure.
Farmers National Bank vs. Bradley R. Jones, settled and dismissed.
Homeside Lending Inc. vs. Michael Senko, settled and dismissed.
Wells Fargo Bank vs. Kok-Jin Teh, dismissed.
Thomas Stowe vs. Gregory Davenport, settled and dismissed.
Tobey-Karg Sales Agency vs. AB Cole Inc., judgment for plaintiff.
LaSalle National Bank et al vs. Teena C. Vannatter, confirmation of sale.
Richard Harvey vs. Patricie L. Alexander, summary judgment granted.
Nancy Guerini vs. Horizon/CMS Healthcare, dismissed.
Christine E. Swick vs. Board of Trumbull et al, summary judgment granted.
Equicredit vs. Charles E. Cruse, confirmation of sale.
Stephen J. Yovich Jr. vs. James Nicastro, settled and dismissed.
William D. Stephens Jr. vs. Delores J. Stephens, dismissed.
Manufacturers & amp; Traders vs. John E. Scott et al, foreclosure.
Nationscredit Financial vs. Kelly L. Kloboves, foreclosure.
Trumbull County Treasurer vs. Mounior Awad, foreclosure.
Second National Bank et al vs. Porter Foods Inc. et al, default granted.
ABN Amro Mortgage Group vs. Alvin C. Harney Jr. et al, foreclosure.
Alice G. Gregory vs. Amin Abdul-All, M.D., professional tort.
Carol Bunea vs. Harold Holliday, other torts.
Karen Baran vs. Harold Holliday, other torts.
Devor Taylor vs. Second National Bank et al, other civil.
Stanwade Metal Products vs. Steven D. Heintzelman, other civil.
Richard A. Bickel vs. Dale Jaster, other torts.
Richard L. Sliter Jr. vs. Northcoast Renovators Inc., other civil.
Ariggle W. Moore vs. WCI Steel Inc., workers' compensation.
Beneficial Ohio Inc. vs. Misty L. Gee, other civil.
Citizens Financial Services vs. Christopher Garretson, other civil.
Davelle Webb vs. Mattie Smiley, other civil.
Nationscredit Home Equity vs. Leroy Chaney Jr., foreclosure.
GMAC Mortgage Corp. vs. Gretchen L. Russ, foreclosure.
Richard P. Laird, a minor, vs. Anthony Dambrosio, other civil.
Greater Warren Community vs. Steven Obradovich Jr., foreclosure.
Marilyn J. Knabe vs. Kristin C. Greenwood, other torts.
John Holowatuk vs. Forum Health, other torts.
Jack W. Weir vs. GATX, workers' compensation.
Andria C. Rosier vs. Nancy A. Engle, other torts.
Wayne Bryant vs. Trumbull County Common Pleas, other civil.
Freddie J. Daniels vs. Riverside Steel Inc., workers' compensation.
Tina M. Smith vs. James Hall, other civil.
Citifinancial Mortgage vs. George E. Peterson, foreclosure.
Richard R. Barnes vs. Charles D. Sherrill, other civil.

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