CANDIDATES Nonpartisan races | Mahoning County

Candidates running in nonpartisan races in the Nov. 6 general election had to file nominating petitions with their respective boards of elections by Thursday. Listings for Trumbull and Columbiana counties will be published Saturday. Those filling in Mahoning County (an * denotes incumbent) are:
Lee E. Frey*, 305 W. Main St.
CANFIELD (2 to elect)
Dennis L. Wilde*, 370 Deer Trail Ave.; Sam Boak, 167 Colonial Drive.
BELOIT (4 to elect)
Eric Augustein*, 13404 Church St.; Delora J. Anthony*, 18425 Fifth St.; Ronald A. Armitage*, 13537 Main St.; Matt R. Hutton*, 17933 Fairview Drive.
CRAIG BEACH (4 to elect)
Marilyn J. Bartholomew, 17520 Denver Drive; James R. Becker, 1894 Craig Drive; Cathy Braham, 17573 Warren Ave.; Rosamarie Pergrim, 17742 Olive Ave.; Wanda Sabol, 1673 Warchester Ave.; Jadranka Gaia, 17434 Lynfield Road; Jeff Harman, 17596 Denver Drive, George M. Meleski*, 17520 Denver Drive.
LOWELLVILLE (4 to elect)
Robert Coppola*, 214 Wood St.; James Iudiciani*, 119 W. Wood St.; Keith McCaughtry*, 798 Youngstown-Lowellville Road; William Flora, 792 W. Wood St.; Frank S. Notareschi Sr., 734 W. Wood St.; Barbara J. Slaven, 29 E. Grant St.; H. Kenneth Goist, 152 Youngstown-Lowellville Road.
NEW MIDDLETOWN (4 to elect)
Richard P. Debucci*, 44442 Foster Drive.; Ruth A. Miller*, 154 Circleview Drive; Dan Satangelo*, 203 E. Circleview Drive; John F. Novicky*, 30 Meadowbrook Drive.
BELOIT (3 to elect)
Timothy A. Flip*, 13435 N. Main St.
AUSTINTOWN (3 to elect, 2 are full terms and the other is a 2-year unexpired term)
David C. Ditzler*, 6696 New Road; Warren "Bo" Pritchard*, 2104 S. Meridian Road; David W. Williams, 428 Southward Drive; Mary Lou Chinchic, 4127 New Road; Kathleen N. Duzzny, 66 Parkgate Ave. (for unexpired term); Lisa L. Oles, 6582 Harvest Ridge Drive (for unexpired term); Tammy Marie Romeo, 2979 Whispering Pines Drive (for unexpired term); James P. Johnson, 5201 Pinecrest Ave. (for unexpired term); Harold Porter, 94 Howard Ave. (for unexpired term); Richard E. Edwards, 3440 Almerinda Drive (for unexpired term).
BEAVER (2 to elect)
Alfred Barney Davison, 1014 Lincoln Road; Thaddeus J. Lyda Jr., 976 E. Calla Road; Lawrence Wehr*, 110 W. Pine Lake; William J. Wiery Jr., 13377 Market St.; Dana L. Ridgeway, 11764 South Ave.; Kim Ohlin*, 897 E. Middletown Road; Timothy Dean Baytos, 113 Kreps Road.
BERLIN (2 to elect)
Sandra K. Engle*, 17282 Heiser Road; Ivan F. Hoyle*, 15497 Hoyle Road.
BOARDMAN (2 to elect)
Samuel M. Moffie, 4180 Lockwood Blvd.; Thomas P. Costello*, 7456 W. Parkside Drive; John Cox*, 254 Wildwood Drive; Kathy M. Miller, 154 Creston Ave.; Jason A. Vantell, 372 Afton Ave.; Paul E. Shovlin, 129 Forest Hill Drive.
CANFIELD (2 to elect)
Judy Bayus*, 5779 Leffingwell Road; Charles C. Petzinger, 3766 Barber Drive; Bill Reese, 7566 Herbert Road; Joseph A. Gregory, 5779 Tryalton Lane; Edward J. Bernat, 4072 St. Andrews Court.
COITSVILLE (2 to elect)
Walter P. Avdey*, 4599 Milligan Road; Anthony F. Nolfi Jr., 78 Bedford Road; Gerald M. Backo*, 6262 McGuffey Road Ext.; Dorthy J. Leone, 387 Wilson Lane.
ELLSWORTH (2 to elect)
Douglas W. Gedra*, 4723 Gault Road; Gerry W. Grace*, 11100 Berlin Station Road; Fredrick M. Houston, 5417 S. Warren Road.
GOSHEN (2 to elect)
Charles R. Bricker*, 14128 W. South Range Road; Robert D. Spencer*, 11635 Smith-Goshen Road; Ronald K. Hutcheson, 10313 Seacrist Road.
GREEN (2 to elect)
Samuel G. Durr Sr., 5558 W. South Range Road; Beverly K. Fisher, 6755 Roller Road; George Toy, 5441 Middletown Road; Edward J. Schaefer Sr.*, 7790 W. South Range Road; David A. Doepker, 7461 W. South Range Road.
JACKSON (2 to elect)
Steven V. Gondol Jr.*, 12139 Sandy Road; Charles L. Booth*, 322 S. Salem-Warren Road.
MILTON (2 to elect)
Al Baker, 17877 Whisper Lane; James E. Donithan*, 3380 Southeast River Road; Loy Metzler, 1408 Northeast River Road; Louis L. Infante Jr., 15583 Mahoning Ave.; Orlie K. Hicks, 2517 Northeast River Road; P. Chris Smolek*, 3050 Canyon Blvd.; Brian Slider, 16635 Republic Ave.
POLAND (2 to elect)
Albert Sciulli, 5027 Miller Road; Robert J. Lidle Jr., 2552 Stoner Ave.; Mark Naples*, 7262 Youngstown-Pittsburgh Road; Pete Sturbi, 4983 Poland Center Road.
SMITH (2 to elect)
Rochelle Barnett, 14191 Ellet Road; Edward L. Blake*, 20764 Oak St.; Ralph G. Ritchie, 20792 Lake Park Blvd.; Richard Watson, 20882 Oak St.; Don Stillion, 702 S. 21st St.; Richard L. Wunderlich Jr., 21350 N. Benton West Road; Robert M. Rinehart, 20830 Alliance-Sebring Road.
SPRINGFIELD (2 to elect)
Thomas Kerr*, 6366 E. Garfield Road; Rick Jones, 13850 Beard Road; Shirley A. Heck, 12731 Beard Road; Don Marrie, 9228 North Lima Road; Robert M. Metzka*, 6542 Columbiana Road; Donald W. Ridzon Sr., 3200 Columbiana Road; Helen A. Touville, 12730 Youngstown-Pittsburgh Road.
AUSTINTOWN (3 to elect)
Joyce A. Pogany*, 1181 S. Raccoon Road; Brad Gessner*, 1608 Eastwind Place; Ray Slivochka, 4268 Nottingham Drive.
BOARDMAN (3 to elect)
Kenneth J. Beraduce, 5731 Gilbert Drive.; Mark J. Fulks*, 658 Saddlebrook Drive; William Kibbel, 5940 Applecrest Drive; Fred Davis*, 7968 Spartan Drive.; Kimberly Poma, 4900 Hopkins Road; Kurt Welsh, 327 Indianola Road.
CAMPBELL (3 to elect)
Jeffrey Opencar, 407 Jackson Drive; Karen Penwell, 581 Blossom Ave.; Diana Petruska, 153 Tremble Ave.; Walter Rusnak*, 872 Carlton Drive; Michael D. Tsikouris*, 651 Robinson Road; Robert T. Dolan, 465 Blossom Ave.; Arrilous Beachman Sr., 20 Third St.; Karen Repasky, 483 Sanderson Ave.
CANFIELD (3 to elect)
Lynne Bellish, 562 Barbcliff Lane; Mark J. Squicquero*, 351 Findlay Ave.; Bruce R. Kirkland, 81 Skyline Drive; Robert C. McClusky, 4450 Augusta Hills Court; David J. Moore, 500 Storybrook Lane; John E. Davis, 123 Lakhani Lane; Nicholas Maiorana, 120 Queens Lane; Sam Pitzulo, 40 Majestic Court; Bruce E. Brocker, 3769 Tippecanoe Place.
JACKSON-MILTON (3 to elect)
Mitch Mascioli, 10371 New Road; Harold Maynard*, 950 N. Pricetown Road; Susan Patton-Karash*, 18115 Ellsworth Road, Scott A. Bowles, 2025 N. Duck Creek Road; Bart McGee, 11352 Silica Road; Robert L. Vernon Jr., 15880 Palmyra Road.
LOWELLVILLE (3 to elect)
Ralph L. Conti*, 1300 Bedford Road; Roy W. Palumbo Jr.*, 1190 Bedford Road; Joann Iudiciani Phillips*, 299 Park Ave.
MAHONING COUNTY EDUCATIONAL SERVICE CENTER (4 to elect, 3 to full terms and the other to an unexpired 2-year term)
Joyce E. Brooks*, 6104 Gibson Road, Canfield; J. Paul Good*, 10159 Sharrott Road, North Lima; Patricia G. Vivo*, 743 Nellbert Lane, Youngstown; Andrew Hamady, 7561 Lee Run Road, Poland; James E. "Ted" Roberts*, 3031 Southwind Trail, Poland (unexpired term); David L. Engler, 8145 S. Rosario Place, Canfield.
POLAND (2 to elect)
Hugh A. Gunn*, 8580 Four Seasons Trail; Laura A. Stacy*, 8172 Kansas Road; Frank Divito, 3374 Candywoods Drive; Jeff Kosic, 51 Ida Drive.
SEBRING (3 to elect)
James R. Cannell*, 507 S. 17th St.; Marie Zurbrugg*, 496 W. New York Ave.; Donald G. Eaton, 615 W. Ohio Ave.; Paula Wayt*, 465 Royal Oak Circle.
SOUTH RANGE (3 to elect)
Mary L. Johnson*, 12365 Washingtonville Road; Alan D. Wenger*, 262 W. Pine Lake Road; Ralph P. Wince*, 12232 Green-Beaver Road; Mark Witmer, 14340 Green-Beaver Road.
SPRINGFIELD (3 to elect)
Max Heinl, 4110 E. Calla Road; Donald C. Williams*, 6160 Metz Road; Leonard W. Fagnano*, 13972 Beard Road.
STRUTHERS (3 to elect)
Joseph Edwards*, 2383 Knollwood Ave.; Eleanor Polis*, 150 Rockyledge Drive; Matthew M. Rhoads, 55 Schenley Ave.; Linda Thomas, 1177 Runge Blvd.; Anthony M. Gentile, 101 Forest Creek Drive; Kandace B. Hagendorn, 168 Poland Ave.
WEST BRANCH (3 to elect)
Steven Fannin, 26964 Winona Road; Larry Swallow, 13618 W. Calla Road; Terry L. Criss, 14641 Beloit-Snodes Road; Keith Martig*, 14503 Duck Creek Road; Larry Romigh*, 26009 Georgetown Road; John P. Wallace*, 4705 Homeworth Road.
WESTERN RESERVE (3 to elect)
Joy A. Lukanec*, 14643 Ellsworth Road; Brian E. Gatrell, 16412 Mock Road; Susanne P. Randall*, 12071 Diehl Road.
YOUNGSTOWN (4 to elect, 3 to full terms and the other to an unexpired 2-year term)
Jacqueline Taylor, 778 Liberty Road; Lock P. Beachum Sr.*, 915 Colby St.; Michael G. Clarett, 949 E. Dewey St.; Oliver Weaver, 422 W. Evergreen Ave.; Neil Buzzacco, 1488 McCollum Road; John Maluso*, 2818 Decamp Road; Joseph F. Rafidi, 3625 South Ave.; Marilyn Montes Gonzalez*; 1639 Wellington St.; Robert C. Korchnak, 2532 Cooper St.; Salina Covington, 44 W. Delason Ave.
City of Campbell charter amendment for streets and parks that would abolish the city park superintendent position, appointed by the mayor, and replace it with a working foreman position that is filled through civil service.
City of Campbell charter amendment for police department that would ensure that the police department's staffing level remain at between 16 and 18 full-time officers regardless of the city's population. The department's staffing level is based on census population figures.
Mill Creek Metro Park replacement levy of 1.75 mills for 15 years for improvements and maintenance.
Boardman School District renewal levy of 1.7 mills for 3 years for emergency requirements to raise $1,411,797.
Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities renewal levy of 2 mills for 5 years for operational costs.
Goshen Township replacement levy of 4.7 mills.
Western Reserve Local School District renewal levy of 4.95 mills for 5 years for operational costs.
Austintown Township renewal levy of 1.5 mills for 5 years for roads.
Austintown Township renewal levy of 0.8 mills for 5 years for recreation.
Austintown Township renewal levy of 1 mill for 5 years for repair of roads.
Craig Beach 1-percent income tax by referendum petition.
Craig Beach replacement levy of 1.5 mills for five years for the fire department.
Craig Beach tax levy of 3 mills for 5 years for streets.
Milton Township replacement levy of 3 mills for a continuing period of time for the police department.
Beaver Township of 1.9 mills for 5 years for current expenses.
Austintown Local School District 3.9-mill bond issue for 26 years to raise $32 million.
Poland Village 2-mill levy for 3 years for roads.
Smith Township, Precinct 4, for carryout wine sales at Rocky's II Drive Thru at 22724 Harrisburg-Wellsville Road.
Boardman, Precinct 69, for carryout beer and wine sales at Creekside Beverage at 1401 Boardman-Canfield Road.
Canfield, Precinct 2, for carryout beer and wine sales at Giant Eagle at 525 E. Main St.
Austintown, Precinct 44, for Sunday sales at Giant Eagle at 5220 Mahoning Ave.
Boardman, Precinct 11, for carryout beer and wine sales at Giant Eagle at 476 Boardman-Canfield Road.
Boardman, Precinct 51, for Sunday sales at Giant Eagle at 1201 Doral Drive.
Youngstown, Precinct 4-I, for carryout wine sales at a gas station at 667 S. Meridian Road.
Youngstown, Precinct 4-I, for Sunday sales at a gas station at 667 S. Meridian Road.
Smith, Precinct 4, to sell beer and any intoxicating liquor by the glass or container for on-site consumption at a restaurant at 20430 Harrisburg-Westville Road.
Beaver, Precinct 5, for carryout beer and wine sales at a gas station at 9010 Market St.
Beaver, Precinct 5, for Sunday sales at a gas station at 9010 Market St.
Boardman, Precinct 69, for carryout beer and wine sales at 1315 Boardman-Canfield Road.
Youngstown, Precinct 6-A, for Sunday sales at Army-Navy at 1105 South Ave.

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