THE TRAFICANT CASE Proposed questions

The 17th District congressman wants the lead prosecutor in his racketeering case to be removed and has submitted a list of 62 questions he wants to ask him at a hearing. Here's a sampling:
"Did you suggest and/or threaten to indict Mr. [J.J.] Cafaro's daughter, Capri, as president of U.S. Aerospace Company unless Mr. Cafaro 'said what we wanted to hear' about Traficant?"
"Did you suggest and/or threaten the Cafaro Company with an IRS audit?"
"Did you suggest and/or threaten staff members of U.S. Aerospace with indictment and tax audits if they did not 'lie about issues and matters concerning James Traficant'? "
"Did you suggest or state to Mr. Cafaro that 'all your problems will vanish if you give us what we want on Jim Traficant'?"
As a condition for Mr. Cafaro's false testimony, did you promise to 'stop lawsuits' that were filed against him?"
"Did you label or refer to Mr. Cafaro as a 'liar' during the trial of former Mahoning County Sheriff Phil Chance?"
"Did you suggest and/or threaten Mr. [Bernard J. "Pete"] Bucheit ... instructing him to 'get an attorney' because Mr. Bucheit would not testify according to the government's position?"
"Did you suggest and/or threaten Mr. [Henry] Nemenz with IRS audits and investigations into all of his 'many businesses'?"
"Did you suggest and/or threaten Mr. [James R. Sabatine] with absolute imprisonment for bribing former Mahoning County Engineer William Fergus if he did not 'say something we want to hear about Traficant in a way we can use it'?"
"Did you authorize or have knowledge of surveillance performed on the defendant in cooperation with the Mahoning County Sheriff's Department, and if so, did you take any official action regarding same?"
"Did you inform a law enforcement agent that you 'do not trust the Youngstown FBI office and have placed agent [Jeff] Sadlak in the office to keep an eye on the place'?"
"Did you 'leak' or have knowledge of government 'leaks' of grand jury testimony or the date of grand jury appearances of witnesses involved in the defendant's case?"
Source: Traficant motion

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