Chiropractor's advice: shun 'ambulance chasers'

I am writing in response to the Aug. 19 letter "There's a new breed of ambulance chasers afoot." As a practicing chiropractic physician, I would like to agree with the writer, and I am also upset and disturbed about health care providers soliciting people from the purchase of accident reports. I am especially disturbed about the three solicitations reported in the letter that were from local chiropractic clinics.
When I first learned from family, friends and patients about three years ago that they were receiving these phone solicitations, I contacted the State Board of Chiropractic Examiners and was told that this practice was legal. Since, there has been legislation introduced that would make this form of solicitation illegal.
I would like to point out that there are over 100 chiropractic physicians practicing in the tri-county area and that it is only a small fraction using this form of solicitation. As many of your readers know from experience, the vast majority of chiropractic physicians in this area are both professional and ethical and offer successful treatment for a wide range of neuromusculoskeletal injuries from motor vehicle accidents, work, sports, etc. without the use of drugs or surgery.
As with any other health care provider, a patient should ask for a referral from those he or she trusts -- family, friends, family physician -- when looking for a chiropractic physician. As for the "ambulance chasers," let them know how disturbed you are at their call and that you would never consider services from someone who solicits in this manner.
Deputy shouldn't have last word on 'rave'
Why not get the correct information before printing or airing news releases. It should be the responsibility of news reporters to investigate before blindly reporting a fax that was sent by a sheriff's deputy.
The "rave" Aug. 11 at Yellow Duck Park was actuality an event to remember a friend who passed away in his sleep while attending school in Columbus. It was an evening filled with techno music, dancing, volleyball, bonfires and waterslides. It was enjoyed by people of all ages, including young children.
To ensure the safety of all who attended, the park was well chaperoned with security at the gate, throughout the park, and at a checkpoint where purses, bags, and pockets were searched.
I am concerned that Deputy Budd is able to fax radio stations and newspapers with lies and it is blindly accepted as newsworthy. I hope Sheriff Wellington has this officer write a public apology. He has offended all who attended the concert and defamed a family park.
Mineral Ridge
Scientists should think twice before playing God
With the scientific community's no-holds-barred attitude on cloning and stem-cell research, how long do you think it will take before someone attempts a super Aryan race?
It happened in the 20th century just 60 years ago in Germany. How soon we forget or try to make excuses to the contrary.
The scientific community has lost its focus. It has to get back on the right track. It should quit trying to play God, and it should commit itself to science research that repairs the damaged cells by cell manipulation in a person's own body.
Weirton, W.Va.