Story let a little sunshine in Trumbull County's pit

Thanks to Stephen Siff, your staff writer, the problem in the "Pit" in the Trumbull County Administration Building is getting some attention.
As you know the recorder keeps the most valuable records historically. People who came here in the 1700s to settle this area were surveyors, farmers, etc. and most important were the people who record deeds, the documents that prove ownership of their piece of America.
Can you imagine if the Declaration of Independence were destroyed and someone said, "Well, we have it on microfilm.'' Ask the people who use microfilm. It only lasts so long then deteriorates. It constantly has to be replaced. What's wrong with preserving the originals. In this day there is no excuse for damage from water.
Trumbull County has so many history buffs, including myself, Mayor Hank Angelo, Commissioner Michael O' Brien, all the judges, teachers, the list is endless. As a title examiner, I love it when I have the time to do a chain of titles back at least 100 years. The microfilmin some of the ranges is practically unreadable. Meanwhile, some of the books -- because of use, not water damage -- are falling apart.
Recently, water was coming down from the ceiling behind the mortgage books again. My compatriots called the Commissioners office,. Michael O' Brien came again with someone in tow. It's nice to know that someone cares.
Transform Youngstown with casino gambling
I am in favor of a downtown casino, here is why.
The gaming industry would reverse our financially strapped economy. This industry would transform Youngstown into a vibrant, thriving city capable of great things for all of its citizens.
Youngstown residents desperately need this to happen. I don't want to make enemies, but it seems that the religious community wields too much influence with our elected officials and business leaders.
I have heard the arguments that gambling is sinful, and crime is the result of corruption. I agree with this, the same can be said of non-gambling industry as well. Some have said there are other businesses to attract. Yet, in 20 years since the mills closed, not one major company has chosen to make Youngstown home.
The casinos of Atlantic City attract many gamblers from our area as well nearby towns.
Casinos generate a large amount of revenue and jobs. These could revitalize Youngstown in short time, given a chance.
If the citizens of our community want change, then we need to have the courage to see it happen. But we need to take the first step in the right direction -- change the state constitution and city charters or amend them to permit such a change. We can make it happen.
Why keep air base here?
Pardon, but has the military equipment based at our airport ever been used for any military or civilian purpose in the past five years? I don't remember any examples.
It seems that there was one instance: The floods in North Carolina which caused pig manure to spread over many thousands of acres created an emergency which involved one Youngstown plane, I believe.
Please help me with this question as I am searching for a reason to keep the Youngstown base open -- spending millions of dollars there that could be used for any one of a number of very important programs. For example, helping to finance stem cell research.