CORTLAND Mayor suggests raising salaries

The service director and finance director would receive the largest increase.
CORTLAND -- Mayor Melissa Long is recommending pay raises for the city's five department heads and council clerk.
Council must approve the pay raises before they take effect.
The mayor has placed the ordinance for first reading on the agenda for tonight's meeting. The ordinance must pass three readings.
"I'm sure there will be discussions on these raises," Long said. "I believe the amounts are fair."
Councilwoman Deidre Petrosky declined to comment on the raises, saying she just received her packet of council business late Friday afternoon and has not had time to review the information.
"Every department head carries a heavy load and a great deal of responsibility," Long said. "I believe these department heads and the clerk of council have done good jobs and deserve to be compensated."
She said she decided on the amount of the raises after completing annual evaluations on each administrator.
All evaluations were positive, Long said.
Largest increases: Long said the finance director and service director received the largest raises to bring their salaries closer to those of the other administrators.
The mayor proposed giving Fran Moyer, finance director, a $5,245 raise and Paul Makosky, service director, a $2,968 increase.
"I do appreciate the raise," said Makosky, a civil engineer. "I believe I've done a good job, plus the city's former service director was making more than me in 1996, so I believe I should have an increase."
Fire Chief Bill Novakovich said he is also pleased with his raise.
"I believe the amounts are fair, and I'm satisfied," Novakovich said.

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