Coach motivesquestioned
It may be time to re-evaluate America's favorite pastime. Is winning so important that having fun, fair play, and sportsmanship have been forgotten?
Remember these are 9-and-10-year-old players who are human and subject to making an error or two, not highly paid professionals, who by the way make many errors on the playing field.
"All" players on an All-Star team try out and are voted on the team by league coaches and, therefore, should be equal on the playing field. There should not be a chosen few.
Coaches, examine your motives and actions. Are you there for the good of "all" players? Are the players having fun? Are fair play and sportsmanship being taught along with the basics? Parents, it may be time for you to step up to the plate and try to change what is taking place.
Pat Kimock
North Jackson
Stringer's deathis a tragedy
It's a shame that it took a gentle giant like Korey Stringer of the Miami Vikings who happened to play in the NFL for coaches to realize the importance of water and the body dehydrating. Every year dozens of high school and college athletes die or are injured due to heat stroke. We seem to only take notice when a professional athlete dies. Now that the former Ohio State All-Pro lineman has passed on, hopefully, coaches will take more precautions and make sure all players retain enough fluids. My prayers are with the Stringer family and what he did off the field truly represented a professional. He donated his Pro Bowl check to the Warren Little League because he realized the importance of football in his hometown. Korey Stringer was a model athlete for the NFL. I wish they could all follow in his footsteps, but those are pretty big shoes to fill.
Joe Maderitz
Sweatshirtout of mothballs
The blood is flowing again thanks to Butch Davis and the Cleveland Browns.
The Browns still have a way to go yet, like cutting down on the number of penalties.
Three steps forward and two steps backwards isn't good. Neither is gaining 4 yards out of the end zone when you can take a knee and automatically take it to the 20-yard line. All-in-all a good job blocking, running and passing.
I know you're not supposed to count your chickens before they're hatched, but at least Saturday night's game with the Browns and the Green Bay Packers gave us and the dawg pound something to bark about.
Just maybe this season we will have more wins than losses. Let's hope so. As for me, I've taken my Browns sweatshirt out of mothballs.
It's up to you coach to keep the team in toe, benching Corey Fuller for a game or two would show him he's not above the law. When a police officer speaks, you listen.
Go Browns. Let's make this a great season.
Joan Farmer

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