Instant Stencils make decorating easy

You don't need talent to create a hand-painted look. Heck, you don't even need paint.
Cleveland's Imperial Home Decor Group recently introduced Instant Stencils, a line of rub-on transfer designs for walls, furniture and other surfaces. All you do is position the transfer, rub it with a straight-edge tool and peel away the acetate backing.
The adhesive creates a bond that's permanent and washable after 48 hours. When you get tired of the design, you can paint over it.
The product comes in 10 style groupings, each of which has four coordinating patterns. They include architectural designs, seashells, fruit, flowers and a collection of vehicles, roads and buildings.
Instant Stencils are priced from $6.99 to $11.99 and are available at home centers and specialty stores.
When catching flaws,pros use 'critical light'
"Critical light" is a term pros use in connection with common wall problems. It refers to the way light hits a flat wall surface.
A table lamp sitting next to a wall shines critical light on the nearby surface and it will show even the smallest imperfections.
Lumps, bumps, paint runs and nail heads, even tiny specks throw big shadows when critical light spills flush across a wall.
Pros often use critical light to catch flaws because a drywall finish job typically looks great until it's painted and illuminated with critical light. Then the awful truth comes out, especially if the paint is glossy.
Pros avoid this by sanding and continually checking with a critical light from various angles. They use a high-power flashlight or a high-intensity lamp (that projects hard-edged shadows), sanding and tweaking until it's super smooth.
Then they paint.
Sanding and checking with a light is critical.

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