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Current prices are recorded from antiques shows, flea markets, sales and auctions throughout the United States. Prices vary in different locations because of local economic conditions.
Economy Electric Lantern Co. lantern, "Red Light," No. C300, patent dated 1933, 11 inches, $35.
Paper fastener and hole punch, Bump Paper Fastener Company, 1930s, 4 inches, $50.
Superior Violet Ink bottle, cone shape, aqua, Reading Ink Co., Michigan, 1890, 3 inches, $95.
Movie poster, "Young Frankenstein," Mel Brooks, Gene Wilder, 1971, 27 x 41 inches, $175.
Counter display sign, "Alaska Refrigerator," die-cut, seal and Eskimo child in furry white snowsuit, holding green sign, marked "The Seal of Perfection," 121/2 x 16 inches, $190.
Russel Wright refrigerator jar, bean brown, $210.
Pinocchio doll, wooden, composition, jointed, Ideal, 1930-1940, $225.
Brass bed, Art Deco design, stylized sunburst on headboard and side rails, c. 1930s, 49 x 42 inches, $420.
Sampler, Sarah Elizabeth Thurman, alphabet, numerals, verse, house, fence, trees, 1814, framed, 19 x 15 inches, $835.
Fedezeichnung glass vase, mother-of-pearl, bulbous, air-trapped opal, octopus design, brown satin with overall gold tracery, 13 inches, $1,790.

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