SHADES FOR SPORTS Color your sports world

Want to improve your game? Try colored sunglass lenses.
Colored lenses were developed to reduce glare and minimize eyestrain under specific conditions, according to Sunglass Hut. Options include:
Vermilion or rose for skiing, tennis and golf. Pink-hued lenses provide good perception in low light conditions while allowing a tolerable level of light transmission in bright sunlight.
Brown or amber for high-glare sports like skiing, boating and fishing. The lenses also are well-suited for driving. They reduce glare and improve contrast by filtering out some blue light, making them useful in overcast, hazy conditions.
Gray for golf, cycling or running. A neutral shade and a good general-purpose color, gray allows all colors to pass through. Gray lenses have the least amount of color distortion.
Green. Green lenses are good for many sports because they provide contrast in low light conditions and reduce eyestrain in bright conditions. Colors remain true, and some blue light is filtered out to protect against glare.
Yellow for skiing and other fast-reaction sports. A longtime ski industry standard because it provides excellent depth perception and contrast in low light. These lenses are good in hazy, foggy and overcast conditions. The downside is considerable color distortion.

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