Who's minding the store in Springfield Township?

Who has authority in Springfield Township to handle the township's business? It appears the trustees have no power or authority whatsoever.
We have been residents in the township for over 40 years and like living here. We requested the trustees to inform a neighbor that they had planted trees in a township alley, thus causing them to have to swing clear over onto our property every time they come out of their garage, and that we wanted them to remove these trees. It has been years and there are still trees there, growing larger each year. This alley extends over into what they now have as their groomed lawn and a fence was put up as well. These people have set out to make this alley their private driveway and to date tell people they cannot use the alley as it is a private drive.
Another permanent fixture was being constructed and a request to the trustees to check out why they were building on an alley (not presently used) that belongs to the township was blatantly ignored. When we asked what they would do about the trees, we were told to get an attorney and file a civil lawsuit and then angrily asked if we wanted them to call the police for us. It appears as though the only way the trustees will act on anything concerning township property is if someone files a lawsuit and pays all the costs on their behalf.
Why do these positions exist? What exactly is their job? If their job is only to handle pleasant things, why do we need them? Anyone can do that without complaining and without pay. Such arrogance on the part of a public official would be headline news anywhere else, but since we're in Springfield Township must it be tolerated without complaining?
Short of electing trustees who live outside of the township so they don't have to worry about angry voters, neighbors and citizens, what would it take to get matters such as this resolved without expending monies of my own on a civil lawsuit so the township can resolve it? If trustees can react so negatively to such a request as this, what would happen to us if we angered other public servants?
Due to a debilitating illness we are unable to attend meetings to address this issue in person. Possibly that would have been the answer, but we may never know. In all fairness, only two of the three trustees were contacted regarding this matter. After such a negative response from the first two, we have resigned ourselves to the fact that contacting the other trustee would not result in any change in the townships response.
Springfield Township
Too much pain in world
Enough is enough! Kids, cats, dogs and now cows -- where does it end?
Children left in cars, only to die of suffocation due to the hot temperatures. Children left in closets, and living in conditions not fit for pigs.
The do-gooders who take in so many stray dogs and cats, that they end up not being able to care for them, so they are left without food or water and left to lumber in their own feces. That's not to say that everybody who rescues stray animals treats them badly. Not at all! Thank God there are people out there who find strays and give them a good home, and really care about them. Now we read about three low-lifes torturing cattle.
Maybe the judge can make a decision that maybe will help stop some of this by making them pay dearly for what they have done. And I don't mean just a monetary punishment, and please not just a slap on the wrist!
We all have to be more than just concerned, we have to do something about it. A good start would be to "do unto others as you would have others do unto you."