President: George Hughes, Canton.
Vice-president: John Munnell, Penn-Ohio.
Secretary-treasurer: Bob Baker, Salem.
The 12-team league had its origins in 1966 with the inception of Youngstown Oldtimers' team, which used to play a series with New Philadelphia. Around 1971, Youngstown added Jamestown, N.Y., as an opponent, while East Liverpool followed. Then came Chester, W. Va., Penn-Ohio, Salem, Hubbard, two Canton teams and Springfield. Massillon joined when one of the two Canton teams dropped out. East Palestine was the last to join.
(As of July 18)
Penn-Ohio 12-3.
Alliance 12-3.
Canton 11-4.
Jamestown, N.Y., 11-5.
Chester, W. Va., 9-5.
Girard 7-9.
East Palestine 6-9.
Youngstown 5-10.
Hubbard 5-11.
Massillon 4-10.
New Springfield 5-11.
Salem 5-11.
Manager: George Hughes.
Assistant manager: Mike Chapanar.
Field: Massillon High School.
Top hitters: Mike Turner .529, George Hughes .409, Steve Bartuseck .444, Zeke Harris .400 and George Ebey .400.
Others: Tom Welsh, Doug Lane, Ray Dolph, Tom Rollo, Bill Studt, Dan Larsen, Scott Kanney, Bob LaSalle, Nick Pribich, John Bartuseck, Tom Midgley, Denver Smith, Rich Long.
Manager: Larry Logston.
Assistant manager: Bill Davis.
Field: East Liverpool Oldtimers Complex.
Top hitters: Butch Mathias .500 (14-for-28), John Perterka .500 (12-for-24), Jud Whittaker .476 (10-for-21).
Others: Larry Logston, Bill Davis, Jerry Cannon, Howard McAbee, Spud Sprout, Bob Fedoush, Norm Six, Ray Talbott, Nick Click, Dennis McAbee, Rex Campbell, Leroy Ridgeway, Jeff Hall, Roger Miller, Jim Booher and Tom Todd.Top pitchers: Ray Radcliff 3-0, Jud Whittaker 3-1.
Manager: Maximo White.
Assistant manager: John Munnell.
Field: Brookfield Park.
Top hitters: Nick Simko .576 (15-for-26), Earl "Skip" Feigert .500 (15-for-30), Larry Cole .526 (10-for-19), Bill Geisel .461 (12-for-26), Chuck McNally .434 (10-for-23)
Others: William Buckley. Jerry Deal, Jim Greer, Dan McEachern, Jerry Osborne, William Osborne, Jim Patterson, Pat Pruent, Sy Thurber.
Top pitchers: Roger Flynn 4-1, Bob Brush 3-0.
Manager: Paul Jeremiah.
Assistant manager: Spencer Gordon.
Field: Munson Stadium.
Top hitters: Ron Poto .474 (9-for-19), Bob Belden .436 (17-for-39, Jim Mannos .435 (10-for-23), Skip Riser .410 (16-for-39), Dan Gates .395 (15-for-38), Nick DeFazio .382 (13-for-34), Paul Jeremiah .375 (15-for-40).
Others: Bob Bendure, Bob Buchheit, Jim Conley, Tom Delagrange, Steve Draga, John Eaton, Howard Elson, Bill Gates, Ken Hefling, Stan Lederman, Jim McKinney, Don Mosteller, Jim Murphy, Jerome Pruett, Jack Sable, Bill Shorts, Darrell Sommers, Dave Strouble, Paul Waibel, Scott Whitaker, Greg Zupp.
Top pitchers: Howard Elson 5-3, Skip Riser 3-0.
Manager: Pete Norlander.
Assistant manager: Larry Marvell, also team president.
Field: Russell Diethrick Park.
Top hitters: Al Muck, who bats second in the lineup, leads the team in batting (.685) and pitching (7-1). Kevin Swanson, the leadoff hitter, is second-best at .515.
Others: Lou Vizza, Larry Marvell, Lyn Smith, Larry Persing, Thom Abrams, Jim Shevlin, Ted Morrison, Tim Jones, Peter Norlander, Don Watts, Jim Lomanto, Ed Russ, Tom Falbey, Lew Snyder, Wendell Berg, Art Zerbe and Rick Russ, Ed's son.
Top pitcher: Al Muck 7-1.
Manager: Dick Tate.
Assistant manager: Dave Madeline.
Field: Hubbard High School.
Top hitters: Tom Madeline .500, Aden Weaver .483, Marty Kanetsky .440, Bob Miller .400, Jim Miller .400, Paul Smargiasso .382 with two homers, John Scharaldi .389.
Others: Bruce Baker, John Battisti, Jim Betts, George Chomos, Paul Ellis, Carl Gehringer, Phil Guiliano, Charlie Harris, Don Kelly, Bill Kuhn, Robert Miller, Chuck Moore, Darrell Parker, Dutch Schuller, Jake Seelbaugh, Jerry Swezey.
Top pitcher: Marty Kanetsky 2-4 record.
Manager: Ron Jennings.
Assistant manager: Bernie Tunno.
Media director: Jack DeFazio.
Scorekeeper: Jack Krepps.
Field: Salem High School.
Top hitters: Kent Kenst .615 (16-for-26), Jim Ciotti .522 (24-for-46), Ralph Hoehn .500 (28-for-40), Bob Roberts .469 (23-for-49), Jeff Roberts .412 (14-for-34) and three homers, Lamar Newton .410 (16-for-39), Frank Forkel .400 (10-for-25).
Others: Alvahn Mondell, Chuck Holenchick, Bill Pietsch, Greg Gerace, Bob Baker, Farber Tinsley, Ron Ogrodnik, Bob Wagner, Butch Christofaris, Walter Bombroski, Thomas Vrable, Jac Shields, Jack Defazio,
Top pitcher: Jim Ciotti 2.2 ERA.
Manager: Doug Wait
Assistant manager: Allen Green.
Field: Butler-Rodman Park.
Top hitters: Chuck George .667 (10-for-15), John Whitehair .571 (12-for-21), Jesse White .533 (18-for-30) and 14 RBIs to tie for team lead, John Jewell .478 (11-for-23) with 14 runs scored to lead team, Fred Millard .474 (18-for-38) with most hits and 14 RBIs to tie for team lead, Mark Holsopple .471 (8-for-17), Dave Stotler .455 (10-for-22).
Others: Jim Anderson, Dan Beagle, Bob Blubaugh, Fred Brown, Larry Buehler, Bob Bryant, Mark Cironi, Dave Crosser, J.C. Cummings, Willie Diehl, Russ Donald, Allen Green, Jim Hale, Whitie Herzog, Joe Main, Bill McIntyre, Carl Millard, Ken Pittenger, Donald Wayt, Leroy Ziegler.
Manager: Russ Hake.
Coach: Mike Penza.
Field: Todd Park.
Top hitters: Mick Williams .558 (24-for-43) with most hits on team and 11 RBIs to tie for team lead, Russ Hake .485 (16-for-33), Rick Sherock .477 (21-for-44), Mike Penza .471 (16-for-34) and 11 RBIs to tie for lead, Frank Ceccarelli .452 (19-for-42), Don Stephenson .444 (8-for-18).
Others: Joe Bertilacci, Sam Camouse, Bill Fleming, Jerry Lambert, Zeke Lowery, Richard Vingle, Rick Racick, Bob Mathes, Bill McKernan, Al Tatalovich, Steve Tsikouris, Findley Boyd and Art Shuker.
Top pitchers: Art Shukar with 4 wins in 601/3 innings; Russ Hake, 1 win, 132/3 innings; Rick Sherock, 0 wins, 14 innings.
Manager: Jay Cook.
Assistant manager: John Gozur.
Field: Springfield High School.
Players: Ron Taylor, Howard Merritt, Glen Penwell and John Morgan, Danny Dunleavy, Sy Rachic, Jay Cook, Mike Gum, Larry Allen, Ray Thomas, Bill Douglas, Dave Bindas, John Scachetti and Donald Hileman.
Manager: Bill Meek.
Assistant manager: Jim Meissner.
Field: City Park.
Top hitters: Jim Wilson .543 (25-for-46), Art Gingher .500 (20-for-40), Bill Yanssens .484 (15-for-31), Bill Gingher. Art's brother, .429 (21-for-49) and Mike Mancuso .400 (14-for-35). Art Gingher leads team in RBIs (20), home runs (2), triples (2) and doubles (5). Mancuso leads in walks (9).
Others: Denny Smith, John Bloor, Harry Garlough, John Colella, Jack Knight, John Miller, Dave Weikart, Dale Sheeler, Fred Biscella, Bob White.
Top pitchers: Don Blosser 3-4 with 17 strikeouts in 381/3 innings, Jim Meissner 3-3 with 10 strikeouts in 39 innings.

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