No contradiction in how law treats those under 21

No contradiction in how law treats those under 21
I recently read a letter and a quote on the opinion page of The Vindicator that made comparisons between the age requirement for drinking alcohol and the trying of an alleged teen-age murderer as an adult.
There is a big difference between a privilege depending on maturity and responsibility, such as drinking, and a crime against humanity such as murder.
The purpose of both laws is the same. You prevent a teen from getting drunk and killing another human being in a car crash by the no-booze-under 21 laws, and you prevent teen murderers from murdering again by trying them as adults.
The scriptures say drunkenness is a sin and that murder is punishable by death.
If all the laws on the books were enforced exactly as they were written, the crime rate would drop drastically and many lives would be saved.
In the end, God will judge all who recklessly abuse privileges and those who break His laws.
The law is intended to lead human being to the Savior, Jesus Christ, who will teach all who trust in Him to live holy lives and to be people who do no harm to their fellow human beings. May all believe in Him!
Random acts of kindness can make a person's day
Very often these days, we only read about the corrupt people living in our area. I felt compelled to share that there are at least a few honest people in Austintown.
Recently, while picking up a prescription at Rite Aid, I unknowingly dropped my bank envelope in the parking lot. I realized my loss as soon as I got home and went back to see if I could find it. Not to my surprise it wasn't there.
Although there was not very much money in the envelope, I was upset. About an hour later, I got a call from the store telling me that a gentleman had dropped off the envelope, with all my money still in it.
I wanted to thank the employees who went the extra mile to help me look for it and the anonymous honest man who brought it back to the store. Their kindness and honesty have not gone unappreciated.
Citizens should unite to fight child pornography
The purpose of this letter is to encourage your readers of all income levels to use the following methods to totally eliminate child pornography and exploitation on the Internet by Jan. 2, 2002.
I hope all Internet users will participate by searching for web sites with such material and report them to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at their toll free number 1-800-843-5678. Reporting those attempting to have a conversation by e-mail with a minor child would be appreciated too.
Together the American people -- men, women and children -- are an invincible force and can reach goals that seem to be impossible when we take action all at the same time.