Switched gameangers this fan
I am writing this letter in regards of the [Indians'] weekend series with Seattle. I had five tickets for Sunday's 1 p.m. game. I had promised my kids to take them because it was a day game.
Then they changed it to 8 p.m. for more money. I wish owners would wake up ad quit paying these salaries so people like my family can go and enjoy a day at the ballpark. They better wake up soon or the party will be over.
Let the Indians miss the playoffs again and watch what happens -- they will be getting 30,000 per game attendance until things change.
My days at Jacobs Field are over. I usually see about six to 10 games per year. I guess they don't need fans like me.
Death sparks memories
I had the privilege to meet Korey Stringer about six years ago. Korey brought a bunch of his Viking teammates to the Boathouse on Belmont Avenue.
Admittedly being a big fan of all Heisman winners, I was anxious to meet Gino Torretta. I was able to say hi to Gino and shake hands with him as he walked by.
I also was able to greet Korey for a moment. As he walked by I patted him on the shoulder and said, "Go get 'em big guy."
Korey turned around laughing and I got to see that now famous smile. I immediately felt at ease.
I went to the service at Warren Harding and thought of Korey as I saw water being given out outside the auditorium. We have lost a tremendous person who has made us all proud that he is from our home.

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