Judge chops off $10 million hair cut

When Shelley Osborne sunk into a depression following a hair cut she didn't like, she took the most sensible route -- a $10.5 million lawsuit against the stylist, the beauty salon and its owner, J.C. Penney. Someone must pay for her displeasure. And, after all, why should she suffer as she waited for her hair to grow back?
Though if the Johnson City, Tenn., Law Court's civil division moves as slowly as most, her hair had probably grown out long before her case got to trial.
Of course, a court of law is the legitimate arena for the righting of legal wrongs. But a bad haircut is a far cry from a botched surgical operation or the paralysis resulting from a drunken driver's negligence.
Frivolous: In fact, we are always surprised that there are attorneys willing to take on such frivolous cases which prolong the time that other significant cases languish on the docket.
We find it hard to believe that a women could have her waist-length hair cut short without some participation on her part in the decision. We suspect what probably happened is that her expectation of the new do clashed with the reality of the mirror. Plenty of women and men leave the stylist's chair every day disappointed with the results. However, they do have options -- from picking another stylist to picking up a wig.
When we think of the number of men, women and children who have lost all their hair while undergoing chemotherapy, Osborne's case seems painfully trivial.
But never mind. The judge threw the case out. Good for him.

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