Davis: From start, we're playing to win

The head coach said he'll try to get as many players as possible into the game.
BEREA -- Browns head coach Butch Davis made one thing perfectly clear about the first preseason game Saturday against the Green Bay Packers.
& quot;We're going to play to win the football game, & quot; he said.
Sure it's only preseason, but Davis expects his players to play all out, all the time, whether it's preseason or the Super Bowl.
& quot;When we're in there, we're calling offenses and defenses, and the expectations of the players are to play as if these games count, & quot; he said.
& quot;We're playing to win. & quot;
Thursday morning's practice attempted to familiarize the players with Davis' practice style on the Fridays before games, which includes simulating the offenses and defenses of the opponents. Both the offense and the defense ran about 20 plays he thinks the Packers might run.
The Browns did not practice in the afternoon, and will instead take a trip to the stadium so Davis can show the players what the routine will be on game days.
Playing time: Davis said he still must decide how much time guys will play, but he did say most everybody will get in the game. He also said he was pleased with the way his players responded during the scrimmage with the Buffalo Bills last weekend in Edinboro, Pa.
& quot;I think all our guys came back with a very enthusiastic attitude, & quot; he said.
& quot;They recognized that there were some areas where we didn't do as well as we would have liked to, but overall it was a positive experience," he said. "We had some success, we scored some touchdowns and guys made some plays. & quot;
Fan support: The crowd, Davis said, hollered and yelled the whole time in Edinboro, and he's looking forward to seeing what they'll be like in the stadium.
& quot;The first thing that dawned on me was last week up in [Edinboro], when you could get a sense that Browns fans were vocal, & quot; he said. & quot;I don't know what the proportion was, whether it was 60 or 40, but we were decidedly a lot more enthusiastic at the end of the scrimmage than Buffalo's fans were, and that's what the legend has been with Browns fan ... and I'm sure that that's what you'll see Saturday night. & quot;
The Browns play the Packers in week 16, but Davis doesn't think he'll have to hold anything back because of it.
& quot;By the time we play them, there's not going to be a lot of secrets, & quot; he said. & quot;You'll have exposed pretty much who your playmakers are, your formations, the personnel groups, [and] the personality of your team will pretty much start to be defined. & quot;
And for right now, Davis said he believes that Green Bay has no idea what this Browns team will look like.
& quot;I'm sure they have no idea what to expect from us, & quot; he said. & quot;They've read the newspapers that it's Indianapolis' offense, Washington's offense, Miami's offense. But guys will just go out and play. & quot;

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