Couch wears brace on knee as precaution

Browns offensive coordinator Bruce Arians is behind the move.
BEREA -- Browns quarterback Tim Couch insists his left knee is fine -- he just needs someone to believe him.
For the first time during training camp, Couch wore a brace on his left knee during Wednesday's practice, but said it's just a precaution to prevent injury.
"It's not a big deal at all," he said. "There's nothing at all wrong with [the knee]. Nothing happened. It's not even sore. It's a total precaution in case someone accidentally rolls on my knee."
Causing concern: Earlier in the week, defensive lineman Courtney Brown lost his balance during practice and landed a foot away from Couch, causing offensive coordinator Bruce Arians to wince during that night's film session.
Arians recommend the brace, which is worn by several NFL quarterbacks including Peyton Manning.
Arians coached Manning last year at Indianapolis.
"As a quarterback, if you're going to get hurt, it's going to be on that front leg," Couch said. "Better safe than sorry."
Couch said the brace hindered his mobility, but he expects to wear it during Saturday's exhibition opener against Green Bay, and possibly the rest of the season.
That will only happen if the discomfort disappears.
"If I don't feel comfortable with it, I'm not going to wear it," Couch said.
No big deal: Running back Jamel White has gotten most of the reps with the first team offense thanks to a strong camp and a good scrimmage against Buffalo last Saturday.
He's expected to start against Green Bay on Saturday, but he's not making too much of it.
"It's no big deal," White said. "We've still got four preseason games. If I'm starting Sept. 9 against Seattle, it'll be a big deal."
New faces: Little-known receivers Lenzie Jackson and Bobby Brown earned praise from Couch on Wednesday for making the most of their time in camp.
"They had a really good scrimmage against Buffalo and they've made a lot of plays in practice," Couch said. "Those guys kind of caught my eye."
Jackson and Brown have seen more playing time due to injuries to starters JaJuan Dawson, Kevin Johnson and Dennis Northcutt.
Heat wave: Davis, who has coached in Florida and Texas, said the recent heat wave has caught him off guard.
"It was warmer than I thought it would be," Davis said. "All my expectations were that it would be 75, maybe 80 every now and then. But I don't think we've done everything we scheduled to do."
Several Browns players have complained about the intensity of Davis' practices the past few days.

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