COLUMBIANA COUNTY Consumers file complaints over purchase of bad gasoline

Testing gasoline quality is being eyed as an effort to protect consumers.
LISBON -- Nearly a dozen consumers have filed complaints about bad gasoline they say they bought at stations in Columbiana County.
Auditor Nancy Milliken's office is taking the complaints.
Milliken asked county residents July 30 to contact her office with gripes about fuel bought in the county. She didn't offer specifics of the complaints.
The complaints will be forwarded to the Ohio Auditors Association. The organization is considering lobbying state legislators to authorize auditors statewide to test gasoline quality.
Testing: Auditors' weights and measures departments test gasoline pumps for accuracy. Gasoline quality checks could be done at the same time, proponents of the issue say.
The argument being put forth for auditors' testing gasoline quality is that the procedure can detect poor fuel at its source and steps can be taken to remedy the problem, Milliken said.
"Anything we can do to protect the consumer is good," she added, noting that she supports testing.
"Over the years, we've gotten complaints from people" about gasoline quality, Milliken said, adding that consumers want to know what government can do to ensure better fuel.
Milliken said her department is still accepting gasoline complaints.
"We'll keep logging them," she said.
XTo inform the auditor's office about suspect gasoline, call (330) 424-9515, ext. 615.

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