Marriage licenses
Lawrence S. Brooks, 30, of 746 W. LaClede, Youngstown, and Lisa M. Williams, 27, of same.
William A. Shattuck, 50, of 7402A Huntington Drive, Boardman, and Debra L. Anderson, 45, of 8245 N. Palmyra Road, Canfield.
Charles L. Edwards, 43, of 560 Poland Ave., Struthers, and Patricia A. Overdorf, 44, of same.
Mark C. Biroschak, 40, of 4392 Arrel Road, Poland, and Teresa Loney Irwin, 39, of 7686 E. Parkside Drive, Boardman.
Russell C. Taylor, 20, of 1152 Katherine St., Youngstown, and Valerie Serrano, 21, of 1993 Wolosyn Circle, Poland.
Walter J. Hale II, 33, of 627 Liberty Road, Youngstown, and Tammy T. Jenkins, 25, of 162 Gluck St., Youngstown.
David J. Dutton, 34, of 13987 Ellsworth Road, Berlin Center, and Maria C. Manley, 32, of same.
Hoa H. Pham, 44, of 349 Hilton Ave., Youngstown, and Thom Tri Ngo, 51, of same.
Mark J. Ingram, 21, of 4091 Pleasant Valley, Canfield, and Tricia A. Pack, 25, of same.
Arthur R. Carter, 41, of 820 Parkwood, Youngstown, and Brenda L. Dawson, 39, of 655 Manchester Ave., Youngstown.
Ronald J. Dorbish Jr., 26, of 3310 Warrensville Center Road, Shaker Heights, and Stephanie A. Sekula, 25, of 1544 Tamarisk Trail, Poland.
Alexander J. Melnick, 74, of 2226 Forest Glen, West Bloomfield, Mich., and Olha Vdovychenko, 41, of same.
Michael J. Beshara Jr., 36, of 3631 Erie St., Youngstown, and Angel A. Askew, 22, of same.
James L. Thomas, 27, of 3129 Hudson Ave., Youngstown, and Teresa N. Toney, 33, of 2034 Summer St., Youngstown.
William B. Reed, 54, of 6245 S. Pricetown Road, Berlin Center, and Patrice L. Menousek, 50, of 14157 Western Reserve Road, Salem.
George A. Evanchuck, 42, of 3408 Neilson Ave., Youngstown, and Elizabeth J. Hupp, 46, of P. O. Box 65, Main St., New Bedford, Pa.
Yussif A. Ibrahim, 22, of 887 White Pine Drive, Decatur, Ga., and Eva E. Womack, 28, of 1790 Atkinson, Youngstown.
Divorces asked
Joann M. Hershman, 221 Reta Lane, Boardman, vs. Lester P. Hershman Jr., 221 Reta Lane, Boardman.
Leslie R. Compton, 1348 Ivanhoe, Youngstown, vs. Jon W. Compton, c/o Canfield Colonial Motel/ Condotel, 7815 Akron-Canfield Road, Room 19, Canfield.
Michele A. Habuda, 5686 Middletown Road, Canfield, vs. James B. Habuda, 779 Truesdale, Youngstown.
Dissolutions asked
Kathleen E. Brunovich, 490 Devitt Ave., Campbell, and John W. Brunovich, 119 Madison Ave., Campbell.
Domestic relations
Dewellah S. Nicoloff vs. Patrick Braun, dismissed.
Desiree D. Custer vs. Paul Bell, dismissed.
Armando L. Duncan vs. Katina J. Odem Duncan, dismissed.
Sharon Augustine vs. Gregg D. Augustine, dismissed.
Melissa Ortenzio vs. Candido Ortenzio, dismissed.
Alanda J. Lewis vs. Michael H. Lewis, dismissed.
Karen N. Kovach vs. Kenneth Kovach, dismissed.
Todd L. Revis vs. Dawn James-Revis, civil protection order dismissed.
Pamela Wilding vs. Ronald L. Sabelli, dismiss civil protection order.
Georgia Denson vs. Francis Denson, dismiss civil protection order.
Larry D. Frondorf Jr. vs. Dawn V. Pamphrey, dismiss civil protection order; case dismissed.
Lauren Stanaitis vs. Charles J. Stanaitis Jr., civil protection order dismissed.
Armando Feliano Jr. vs. Erin L. Fulton, dismissed.
Jean Baker vs. Stephen Baker, dismissed.
Sharika Coleman vs. Daneion Armour, dismissed.
Alynn S. Grant Sr. vs. Nakeisha Talaton, dismiss civil protection order.
Chanda Tucker vs. Coryle Anderson, dismiss civil protection order; case dismissed.
Kimberly Kale vs. Gregory L. Kale, dismissed.
Cassandra K. Butler vs. Nelveton Butler Jr., dismissed.
Shaunjya R. Adams vs. Troy L. Smith, dismissed.
Domenic Paolone Jr. vs. Denise Paolone, dismissed.
Robert J. Vanderpool vs. Kimberly Ferranti, dismissed.
Darlene Johnson vs. Spencer Morris, dismissed.
Amy A. Mathey vs. Arthur Walters, dismissed.
Michelle D. Quimby vs. Tony J. Marchianda, dismissed.
Caren A. Compton vs. Robert J. Rosenberg Sr., dismissed.
Melina A. McFall vs. Robert F. McFall, dismissed.
Chaunte J. Baptiste vs. James E. Tackett, dismissed.
Jennifer L. Wolfe vs. David N. McComb, dismissed.
Raheim S. Wright vs. Tishana N. Wright, dismissed.
Donald Ellison vs. Stacy Sam, dismissed.
Kimberly Davis vs. Theodore Davis, dismissed.
Lori A. Shafer vs. Michael E. Shaffer, dismissed.
LaChelle D. McRae vs. Sean M. McRae, dismiss civil protection order.
Arkeylah Mixon vs. W.J. Mixon, dismiss civil protection order.
Shani M. Murphy vs. William Murphy, dismiss civil protection order.
Angela M. Stanford vs. Kevin Stanford, dismissed.
Lucinda D. Watkins vs. Kennon Mitchell, dismissed.
Jerome Glenn vs. Marion D. Brown, dismiss civil protection order.
Guyla S. Archer vs. Raymond P. Archer, dismissed.
Leonora B. Lockhart vs. James M. Dorsey, dismiss civil protection order.
David Magura vs. Anna M. Magura, dismissed.
Lori A. Jordon on behalf of Kenneth and Anthony J. vs. Kenneth W. Jordan, dismiss civil protection order; case dismissed.
Latasha Gilmore vs. Edward Morris, dismissed.
Kathy J. Randall vs. Dennis M. Randall, dismissed.
Nicole Mason vs. Isaac Mason, dismissed.
Sheila M. Fell vs. Robert E. Rich, dismissed.
New complaints
First Nationwide Mort. Corp. vs. Jodie A. Parker et al, foreclosure.
Firstar Bank Milwaukee N.A. as trustee vs. Eloise L. Rutledge et al, foreclosure.
Wells Fargo Minnesota vs. Janice Ramsey et al, foreclosure.
National City Bank vs. Trailstar Manufacturing Corp. et al, money.
First Union National Bank vs., Jose L. Mundy et al, foreclosure.
Carl E.Gilmore vs. C. James Conrad admr. et al, workers' compensation.
Howard Scheetz et al, vs. Expresss Carriers et al, money.
Beth M. Peterson et al vs. Virginia L. Williams, money.
Angel Gabriele et al vs. Eleanor Yavorsky et al, money.
Bradford Bragg vs. Lynn R. Kilbreath, money.
Matthew Grimm-Harris a minor et al vs. Gladys Gibson, money.
Donald E. Allshouse Jr. vs. Robert Leonard, money.
Ashtabula Mall Co. vs. Milton D. Myer Co., money.
Docket entries
State of Ohio vs. Herbert A. Shelton, sentenced to three years, and one year, to be served concurrently.
State of Ohio vs. Curtis Nobles, sentence to be served concurrently.
State of Ohio vs. Angelo Gonzalez, sentenced to two counts of one year each, to be served concurrently.
State of Ohio vs. Darrell Edmonds, two years community control.
State of Ohio vs. Melissa Marino, six months non-reporting probation.
Chase Manhattan Bank vs. James H. Woodrum et al, confirming sale.
Shops At Boardman Park vs. Bellaria Pizzeria No. 2 et al, judgment for plaintiff.
FFY Bank vs. Estate of Angeline Lazar et al, dismissed.
First Place Bank vs. James J. DeChellis et al, dismissed.
Home Savings & amp; Loan Co. vs. Rosa M. Williams et al, judgment.
Bank One NA vs. Litwin Livery Service Inc. et al, dismissed.
IA Construction vs. Radco, dismissed.
Probate court
Will of Robina Lenz: estate to children and stepchildren, William S. Backus, Suzanne Steck, Theodore G. Lenz, and John R. Lenz; with specific bequests.
Will of Merceda V. Carsell: estate to Betty J. Beil; Rosemarie Simons; with specific bequests.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Emery Dutton, 2051 Pointview Ave., Youngstown, driver, Auto Zone, liabilities, $17,337; assets, $4,504.
Kari A. Kokoski, 247 Forrest Ave., Lake Milton, owner, Dog House; liabilities, $29,395; assets, $6,809.
William C. and Jodi L. Prendergast, aka Jodi L. Hoffmeyer, 765 North 17th St., Sebring; he: asst. buyer, Auto Zone; she: commercial specialist, Little Tykes; liabilities, $138,703; assets, $80,015.
Cheryl A. Green, Box 4015 Westchester Drive, Youngstown, assembler, GM; liabilities, $40,067; assets, $13,200.
Shawna L. Crawford, 100 Eynon, Irondale, deli worker, Wal-mart; liabilities, $8,100; assets, $1,202.
Roxanne Samiya Caruso, fka Roxanne S. all, 957 Cornell St., Youngstown, student; liabilities, $43,901; assets, $2,410.
Thomas E. Zulick, 6842 Poland Center Drive, Poland, remodeling contractor, self-employed; liabilities, $156,561; assets, $98,440.
Bankruptcies/ Chapter 13
Patrick F. and Cheryl L. McWreath, 2737 Newbern Circle, Youngstown, he: carpenter, Masco Interiors Inc.; she: STNA, Shepherd of the Valley; liabilities, $62,983; assets, $39,920.

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