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St. Elizabeth

Monday, August 6, 2001

St. Elizabeth
Paul and Michelle Frease, 3612 Monaca Ave., Youngstown, girl, Aug. 3.
Samuel and Maria Sebastian, 5581 Struthers Road, Struthers, girl, Aug. 3.
Sharmayne Hahn and Mike Gay, 64 Cleveland St., Youngstown, girl, Aug. 3.
Michael and Lisa Durkin, 1817 Chapel Hill, Youngstown, boy, Aug. 3.
Richard and Jennifer Hovanec, 430 Scoville Drive, Vienna, girl, Aug. 3.
Ralph and Heidi Nespeca, 130 Erskine Ave., Boardman, girl, Aug. 3.
Brett and Merritta Flickinger, 686 Carter-Ford Road, Deerfield, boy, Aug. 3.
Edward and Dawn Tingler, 3455 Roseview Ave., Hubbard, twin girls, Aug. 3.
Thomas and Michelle Testa, 771 Presidential Drive, Boardman, boy, Aug. 3.
Dr. Michael and Lisa Black, 6400 Olde Stone Crossing, Poland, girl, Aug. 3.
Marian Reed, 11194 Mahoning Ave., North Jackson, girl, Aug. 4.
Anthony and Jennifer Marinelli, 111300 Youngstown-Salem Road, Salem, girl, Aug. 4.
Dominic and Lina Romeo, 556 Twelth St., Campbell, girl, Aug. 5.
Eric and Siobhan Fairchild, 692 Forest Ridge, Boardman, boy, Aug. 5.
Forum Health Northside
Melissa Green and Juwane Tate, 52 Chicago Ave., Youngstown, boy, Aug. 4.
David and Jennifer Casanta, 1500 W. Garfield Road, Columbiana, girl, Aug. 4.
Tacarra Watson, 561 W. Chalmers Ave., Youngstown, girl, Aug. 4.
Susan Schlitt and Chad Deming, 177 Clarencedale Ave., Youngstown, boy, Aug. 4.
Lindell and Theresa Brown, 120 E. Boston Ave., Youngstown, girl, Aug. 5.
Chuck and Vicki Pellins, 116 S. Cadillac Drive, Boardman, girl, Aug. 5.
Leslie D. Ploessel and Joey L. Cruz, 461 Devitt Ave., Campbell, girl, Aug. 5.
Salem Community
Holly Detrick, 5630 Jimtown Road, East Palestine, girl, Aug. 3.
Stacey Brokaw, 252 Park Ave., Salem, girl, Aug. 3.