COLUMBIANA CORNER Now, if only we can get inmates to cooperate ...

After the escape of two inmates last month from Elkton Federal Correctional Institution, prison neighbors have asked authorities there to require prisoners to wear uniforms that more clearly mark them as convicts.
Ideas have included black-and-white striped garb and bright orange.
Warden Roy Morrison explained to Columbiana County commissioners recently that the federal bureau of prisons dictates prisoners' clothing, and he can't alter it.
"Just make them wear orange when they escape," quipped Commissioner Sean Logan.
Bad gas: Columbiana County Auditor Nancy Milliken is urging motorists who get what they think is bad gasoline at a station in the county to call her office.
County auditor offices statewide check pumps for accuracy, and auditors now are lobbying the state legislature for permission to test gas quality.
By documenting bad gasoline complaints, auditors can build a case in Columbus for testing authority, Milliken says.
To report bum gas, call 424-9515, ext. 615.
In the cards: Between showing animals and doing barn chores at the Columbiana County Fair last week, a group of young fair participants passed the time by playing poker. At the end of one hand, players showed their hands. "Two pair, full house, straight, three-of-a-kind," they declared.
New to the game, Corey Essick, 15 of Minerva, bit his lip and hesitantly placed his cards on the table and sheepishly admitted, "I think I did something wrong."
Hair raising: Stopping in the extension office trailer at the Columbiana County Fair last week, Ernie Oelker, Columbiana County agriculture extension agent, removed a baseball cap and ran a hand over his bald head.
A few moments later, a fair volunteer stepped in and tried to place a cowboy hat on his head. Oelker politely refused the hat, then quipped, "I don't want hat hair."
XContributors: Norman Leigh and Nancy Tullis of The Vindicator Salem Bureau.

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