Docket entries
Fifth Third Bank vs. Matthew J. Prologo, satisfaction of judgment.
Valley Electrical vs. Board of County Commissioners, dismissed.
Thomas G. Marshall vs. Anthony J. Grundy, dismissed.
Norlis Enterprises vs. OHM Shree Ambeeca Inc., distribution of funds.
Tonya C. McLaurin vs. David J. Pounds, settled.
Richard C. Martin vs. Hillside Rehabilitation, dismissed.
Principal Residential vs. Randolph M. McCrory, foreclosure.
Monisa Mallory vs. Rex E. Wilson, dismissed.
Amy R. Masitto vs. Joyce Gifford et al, settled.
Ronald Huff vs. C. James Conrad, dismissed.
North American Mortgage vs. Leonard W. Lesnoski, confirmation of sale.
U.S. Bank NA vs. Crystal Edington, confirmation of sale.
Conseco Finance Servicing vs. Valorie R. Clark, dismissed.
Denise Simpson vs. United Parcel Service, settled.
Paine Webber Real Estate vs. Robert A. Jones et al, dismissed.
Cheap Escape Inc. vs. W.K. Professional Services, default granted.
Household Realty Corp. vs. Harold G. Wagoner Sr., foreclosure.
Chase Manhattan Mortgage vs. Lashell D. El Sayed, dismissed.
Michael L. Strahan vs. Estate of Leon A. White, settled.
Nicholas L. Facemire vs. American Freightways Inc., settled.
Gordon Proctor Director vs. United Telephone, distribution of funds.
James R. Johnson vs. Phillip J. Morrison, settled.
Bank One NA vs. George D. Mears, confirmation of sale.
LaSalle Bank National vs. Marshall Dawson, confirmation of sale.
National City Bank vs. Shawn Collins, confirmation of sale.
Jennifer Greanleaf vs. General Motors, dismissed.
Cortland Savings vs. Clarence F. Dobbins, dismissed.
Countrywide Home Loans vs. Arthur A. Steckel, confirmation of sale.
Laura McLaughlin vs. Nancy L. Myers, dismissed.
William C. Peters Jr. vs. Jeremy R. Lombardo, State Farm Insurance only, dismissed.
Midfirst Bank vs. Samuel E. Crawford, unknown occupant of 1400 Palmyra Road S.W. only, dismissed.
Raymond J. Johnson Jr. vs. Columbia Machine Inc., settled.
Union Federal Savings vs. Glenn A. Smith, foreclosure.
Morgan Company vs. Shaw Avenue Associates, satisfaction of judgment.
Sandra Peters vs. Lori Udell, settled and dismissed.
Nationscredit Financial vs. Dawn Owens et al, foreclosure.
First Nationwide Mortgage vs. Kevin A. Jaskowick, foreclosure.
Amy J. Giovannone vs. City of Warren, settled.
William Baldwin vs. Easco Aluminum, settled.
Joan Anderson vs. Milton Waterman Jr., settled and dismissed.
LaSalle Bank National vs. Arthur H. Adams, settled and dismissed.
West American Insurance vs. Nancy Patterson, settled.
Chase Manhattan Mortgage vs. Craig A. Huebner, foreclosure.
Trumbull County Treasurer vs. Sharon L. King, foreclosure.
Miguel Alvarado vs. ATD Corp., dismissed.
James D. Deitsch vs. Cardinal Apartment, dismissed.
WFS Financial vs. Gregory A. Oakes, judgment for plaintiff.
National City Bank vs. Michael H. Bradley, satisfaction of judgment.
Kashcia Underwood vs. Western Reserve Health, settled and dismissed.
Second National Bank vs. A.B. Cole Inc., satisfaction of judgment.
Associates Financial vs. Jeffrey A. Dunn et al, confirmation of sale.
James Jamison vs. R.W. Sidley Inc., dismissed.
James Turturice vs. Auditor and board et al, settled and dismissed.
Trumbull County Treasurer vs. Jeanne H. McNally, trustee, foreclosure.
FFY Bank vs. Jacquelyn A. Murphy, confirmation of sale.
First Federal Savings vs. Ronald E. Champlin Sr., confirmation of sale.
Second National Bank vs. Jon D. Clark, settled and dismissed.
Brian Kontz vs. Buckeye Union Insurance, settled.
Christina Bradford vs. Ryan T. Webster, dismissed.
Leona Layfield vs. Doeberling-Muccio, dismissed.
Kathy Churman vs. Rebecca Lombardo, dismissed.
Christopher M. Eckenrode vs. David J. Venerose Jr., dismissed.
New complaints
Gordana Jelic-Lettieri vs. Gap Inc., other torts.
Fleet Mortgage Corp. vs. Homer Ginkinger et al, foreclosure.
Daniel Deramo vs. Hubbard Exempted Village, other torts.
Scott A. Nevel vs. Warren City Board of Health, other civil.
Bruce Brazzon vs. C. James Conrad, admin. BWC, workers' compensation.
Bank One vs. Thomas J. Denver, foreclosure.
GMAC Mortgage vs. Flora Lee Parker, foreclosure.
Cortland Savings and Bank vs. Richard Eisenhour, foreclosure.
Guy Cominsky vs. Ohio Dept. of Job, administrative appeal.
Ellett Brothers Inc. vs. Steve Coldwell, other civil.
Leon Bell vs. Trumbull County Children, other civil.
National City Bank vs. Lauren M. Latimer, foreclosure.
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage vs. Tony L. Pascale, foreclosure.
National City Bank vs. Warren Reproduction, other civil.
Bankers Trust et al vs. Carolyn K. Wem, foreclosure.
Bank of New York vs. William G. Bower, foreclosure.
Conseco Finance Servicing vs. Roger L. Warner, foreclosure.
ATD Corp. vs. Trumbull County Board etal, administrative appeal.
Russell Johnson vs. Kristie Cwynar, other torts.
Home Savings and Loan vs. James R. Snyder, foreclosure.
Home Savings and Loan vs. James R. Snyder, foreclosure.
Home Savings and Loan vs. James R. Snyder, foreclosure.
Home Savings and Loan vs. James R. Snyder, foreclosure.
First Place Bank vs. Charles H. Stanton, foreclosure.
Richard D. Richmond vs. Donna K. Poschner, other civil.
Greenwood's Hubbard Chevrolet vs. Advanced Auto Body, other civil.
Nannicola Inc. vs. Wess Auberry et al, other civil.
Nannicola Inc. vs. Ryan Lauck, other civil.
Mary Jo Novotny vs. Jeremiah J. Krupsa, other torts.
Homeside Lending Inc. vs. Curtis D. Burton Jr., foreclosure.
Retina Associates et al vs. Willie Smith, other civil.
Citibank South Dakota NA vs. Terry L. Palo, other civil.
Bank One Corp. vs. Barbara E. Bond, other civil.
North Coast Basement vs. Edward A. Zamarelli, other civil.
Fidelity Bank vs. Ezra L. Cayson Jr., foreclosure.
City of Warren vs. Terry L. Brannon, workers' compensation.
American Community Bank vs. National Marine Corp., replevin.
Pamela Tilley vs. William T. Holbrook, other torts.
Patricia Dierkes vs. C. James Conrad, admin. BWC, workers' compensation.
Teresa A. King vs. E.A. Berg & amp; Sons Inc., other torts.
Seven Seventeen Credit Union vs. Brian C. Hamilton, other civil.
Carole Weiszer vs. Ajax Magnethermic Corp., other civil.
Second National Bank et al vs. Donald Wolfe & amp; Sons, foreclosure.
Citicapital et al vs. Nationswaste Inc., replevin.
Dissolutions filed
Lisa M. O'Hara and James E. O'Hara.
Jarold R. Fluharty and Treadeen Fluharty.
Stephen M. Pyne and Draanearia Pyne.
Robert A. Crawford and Regina L. Crawford.
Debbie S. Pudder and Gary W. Pudder.
Gretchen J. Evans and John M. Evans.
Shelley R. Spain and James E. Spain.
Cindy L. Craver and Donald W. Craver.
Divorces filed
Bryan S. Huston vs. Corrine A. Huston.
Andrea Edington vs. Myron L. Lard.
James P. Coupland vs. Luz C. Coupland.
Naomi E. Miller vs. Freeman D. Miller.
Bert J. Davis vs. Cathy S. Davis.
James A. Cartmell vs. Melanie Cartmell.
Gregory L. Kale vs. Kimberly J. Kale.
Carol Benton vs. Michael T. Benton Sr.
Michael J. Miller vs. Vicky L. Miller.
Cases converted
Sherry L. Jewell vs. Richard D. Jewell Jr., divorce to both.
Cases dismissed
Dorothy G. Edwards vs. Leo Edwards.
Anita Bastion vs. Russell Bastion Sr.
Amy L. Stone vs. Jeffrey R. Stone.
Dissolutions granted
Sheila I. Arthur and Michael S. Arthur.
William R. Yekel and Donna K. Yekel.
Heather J. Franklin and Michael A. Franklin.
Robert C. Bigelow and Bethany Bigelow.
Jimmie D. Schmidt and Debra L. Schmidt.
Jon P. Elliot Jr. and Rhonda M. Elliot.
Laura L. Visher and Mark A. Visher.
Susan Welz and Raymond Welz.
Karen P. Kuper and Kevin J. Kuper.
Bryan F. Gibbs and Kim L. Gibbs.
Kathleen A. Felger and Harold E. Felger.
Shirley A. Russo and James M. Russo.
Dana J. Ramsey and Scott T. Ramsey.
Michael R. Rek and Rebecca C. Rek.
Kristine R. Betts and Timothy A. Betts.
Divorces granted
Zelda J. Smith vs. Martin Smith, divorce to both.
Melinda Currie vs. Shawn R. Currie, divorce to plaintiff, wife restores to name of Melinda Limbeck.
Kelly R. Salyers vs. Van Adams Salyers, divorce to both.

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