POLAND Zoning proposal cuts acreage requirement

The commission is making sure the amendments reflect their intended desires.
POLAND -- The township zoning commission has taken another look at proposed amendments to the zoning resolution.
Some changes are still being made to the potential amendments, which are more than two years in the making.
Zoning Inspector Bob Monus said the changes will be to the benefit of the community at large.
Monus said one of the major changes will be modifications to the Planned Unit Development section of the zoning code. PUDs mainly refer to developments such as condominiums.
Currently, a developer is required to have 15 acres to create such developments. The amendments would cut that requirement down to five acres of required space for the development, Monus said.
The potential change is because many people wanted to develop areas with less than the required 15 acres or noncontiguous lots equaling 15 acres, Monus added.
"[The commission] feels that there are some smaller parcels that are not unsightly and are just sitting there," he said. "Those pieces of land can be made into positive aspects for the area."
Accessory buildings: Monus said another possible amendment that will affect many residents is a change in the square footage needed for accessory buildings.
As it stands now, a 400-foot accessory building is permitted in a residential district. The amendment, using a detailed formula, would permit larger accessory buildings on larger lots.
About 75 percent of all variance requests in the township deal with accessory buildings.
"This [amendment] is good because with larger lots you put larger accessory buildings on them and have it look aesthetically correct," Monus said. "On smaller lots, larger buildings could overwhelm the area."
Parking: There also will be an amendment changing the time recreational vehicles can be parked in the driveway of a residence for cleaning before off-season storage. The time allowed could change from 48 to 72 hours.
Owners of recreational vehicles would still be permitted to store the vehicles on the side of their homes or in the rear provided all setback requirements are met, Monus explained.
There are several other areas set to be updated in the amendments as well such as parking lot requirements in business districts.
The commission also is tidying up some of the language in the amendments -- a sticking point in earlier meetings with the Mahoning County Planning Commission and Home Builders Association representatives.
Monus said the amendment process could be set in motion as early as January.

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