YOUNGSTOWN RACE Lawyer: Squire is qualified

The mayor's lawyer delivered a subpoena to the independent challenger in the mayoral race.
COLUMBUS -- The lawyer for independent Youngstown mayoral candidate Percy Squire called subpoenas concerning Squire's residency unnecessary, adding the facts surrounding his client's residency are "an open book."
Atty. Donald J. McTigue of Columbus said Squire has a residence in Youngstown as well as Columbus and is a qualified elector in the city of Youngstown.
"Mr. Squire would be more than happy to stipulate to any fact that the other side wants us to stipulate to that is relevant to residency," McTigue said Thursday after lawyers for Youngstown Mayor George M. McKelvey began delivering subpoenas to Squire, Squire's wife, Franklin County Juvenile Judge Carole Squire, and Squire's two daughters in Columbus.
Squire is the only opposition against McKelvey, a Democrat, in the Nov. 6. general election.
About subpoenas: The subpoenas are connected to a complaint that's pending before the Mahoning County Board of Elections challenging the legitimacy of Squire's candidacy. A hearing is planned for Aug. 14.
Edwin Romero, McKelvey's lawyer, delivered subpoenas to Squire's home just south of downtown Columbus about 2:30 p.m. Romero said he also was set to visit Columbus City Hall to subpoena income tax records for the Squires and for any corporate entities with whom Squire is associated.
"We intend to prove he's not a resident of Youngstown, Mahoning County and that he lives here [Columbus]," Romero said of Squire.
Changed registration: McTigue said Squire has residences in both Columbus and Youngstown. Squire has changed his voter registration to the home in Youngstown he owns.
"The allegation by Mr. McKelvey is that Mr. Squire does not have a residence in Youngstown. That is totally incorrect. He has two residences -- one in Columbus and one in Youngstown," McTigue said.
A section of state law says: "Each person holding an elective office of a political subdivision shall be a resident of that political subdivision."

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