A Mahoning County grand jury handed up indictments Thursday against these people:
Larry M. Barrickman, 52, Salt Springs Road, Youngstown; trafficking in heroin, possession of cocaine.Randall A. Davis, 22, North Fruit Street, Youngstown; illegal possession of weapons.Fred A. Martin, 47, Belmont Avenue, Youngstown; breaking and entering.John Mitchell, 39, Phelps Street, Youngstown; breaking and entering.Tanisha M. Smith, 21, Ohio Street, Youngstown; felonious assault.Kevin Townsend, 28, South Truesdale Road, Youngstown; carrying concealed weapons, illegal possession of weapons.Lamont Jones Jr., 26, Lanterman Avenue, Youngstown; forgery, taking the identity of another, passing bad checks.Kerri Leith, 24, Risher Road, Youngstown; forgery.Marniese J. Kimbrough, 23, Ellenwood Avenue, Youngstown; possession of cocaine, receiving stolen property, carrying concealed weapons, illegal possession of weapons.Brian S. James, 20, Himrod Avenue, Youngstown; carrying concealed weapons.Donald W. Lupole, 45, Rhode Island Drive, Youngstown; receiving stolen property, failure to comply with a police order, two counts of theft, four counts of burglary.William Givens, 31, West Chalmers Avenue, Youngstown; receiving stolen property.Michael Myers, 28, Samuel Street, Youngstown; carrying concealed weapons.Barbara Riley, 43, Madison Avenue, Youngstown; complicity to felonious assault.James R. Patton, 51, Kenmore Avenue, Youngstown; felonious assault, carrying concealed weapons, illegal possession of weapons.Frank E. Kichak, 18, Whipple Avenue, Canton; burglary.Carmen Crockett, 38, Shields Road, Youngstown; passing bad checks.Angela Kaye Nelson, 46, Browning Avenue, Youngstown; possession of marijuana.Kimberly West, 33, East Philadelphia Avenue, Youngstown; possession of crack cocaine.
Source: Mahoning County clerk of courts

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