A FEW FACTS Dealing with mold

Nasal congestion and itching, sneezing, runny nose.Coughing, wheezing, bronchial infections.Earaches, ringing in ears, recurrent ear infections.Watery, red or swollen eyes, blurred vision.Shortness of breath.
Repair any roof and plumbing leaks.Clean moldy surfaces with a mixture of 1.5 cups bleach per gallon of water. Apply and let stand for 15 minutes. Ventilate the area and use gloves and a face mask when cleaning. (Never mix bleach with detergents that contain ammonia.)If an area cannot be cleaned, replace it (e.g. ceiling tiles).Throw away any wet newspaper or cardboard.Further cleanup may be necessary if carpet and crawl spaces are involved.
Source: Akron Regional Air QualityManagement District

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