WARREN Music store robbery trial continues

Police say Mitchell was shot while trying to rob RBG Music.
WARREN -- Opening arguments are scheduled to begin today for an 18-year-old man accused of robbing a music store.
Lamar Mitchell, of Warren, who was 17 when the robbery took place, is facing an aggravated robbery charge. A juvenile court judge granted in February a prosecutor's request to have Mitchell tried as an adult. If convicted, Mitchell could face up to 10 years in prison.
The trial in the courtroom of Judge Andrew Logan of Trumbull County Common Pleas Court began Monday with jury selection.
City police say Mitchell tried to rob RBG Music at 1958 Palmyra Road S.W. on Dec. 20.
Police report: The store owner, James "Doc" Pugh, 54, then head of the local NAACP, shot Mitchell in the buttocks.
Police Chief John Mandopoulos said Pugh "acted appropriately." Pugh has not been charged.
Pugh testified during Mitchell's juvenile hearing that Mitchell entered the store Dec. 20 and was browsing. Pugh said Mitchell approached him and asked him for a tape.
Pugh said he got Mitchell the tape and was walking back to the counter when Mitchell placed a gun against Pugh's head.
Pugh testified that he tried to wrestle with Mitchell but fell to the ground. Pugh said that after he fell he told Mitchell he would get him the money. Pugh said he went behind the counter to get the cash but instead got his gun.
The store owner said Mitchell attempted to run but he caught him and ordered him to stay still while he called police.
Pugh said he told Mitchell to pull his pants down around his boots so that Mitchell would not be able to run while Pugh went to get the phone.
Pugh said he was helping Mitchell get his pants down when the gun went off.
After Mitchell was shot, Pugh called the police and an ambulance. Mitchell was not seriously injured.

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