WARREN County officials to approve layoffs

Laid-off workers do not have automatic bidding rights for other county jobs.
WARREN -- Trumbull County commissioners are expected to approve laying off 13 workers at the county Child Support Enforcement Agency to make up for a $400,000 shortfall in funding for the agency.
Pink slips will likely be mailed to the employees, all members of AFSCME local 3808, this afternoon, said Jim Keating, the county's director of personnel. Titles of the laid-off employees include enforcement specialist, specialist assistant, receptionist and mail clerk.
"They are on the front lines," he said.
Three nonunion employees also will lose their jobs, but the process takes longer because the county must adhere to state laws, Keating said.
Ability: Contacted last week, Commissioner James G. Tsagaris said he did not think the cutbacks would hurt the agency's ability to serve its clients.
"I think it is a great staff over there, I'm sure they can handle it," Tsagaris said.
A total of 80 people worked at the agency before the layoffs, including 62 union members.
"Maybe they even have been a little overstaffed," Tsagaris continued. "I think it will be OK."
The cutbacks are being made in order of seniority, Keating said.
Laid-off workers will not automatically be able to bid for job openings in other county departments because different unions are involved, he said.
County employees are represented by eight unions, and elected department heads and judges have wide discretion to make their own employment decisions. But CSEA employees losing their jobs may be considered for county positions that are not filled internally, Keating added.

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