McVeigh defense team should get nothing more

McVeigh defense team should get nothing more
Would someone please help me understand how it is possible that public funds of $13.8 million were spent for Timothy McVeigh's defense? Now, the attorneys want $147,000 more.
Why is it that taxes are spent to defend a murderer, yet they do not pay our elderly enough to live on?
Not to forget how many of Youngstown schools are closed.
Drug treatment bill needs Congressional support
In February 2001, U.S. Sen. Orrin Hatch introduced an anti-drug bill that would provide new resources for drug treatment education and treatment programs. The Drug Education, Prevention and Treatment Act of 2001 would authorize new funding for research-based school and community-based drug prevention programs that have been proved effective.
It would also provide additional funds for community-based organizations to develop after-school or out-of-school programs that focus on developing character and for those organizations that provide counseling and much needed mentoring services to children with a parent or guardian in prison.
Senate Bill 304 would also provide funding for the National Institutes of Health to continue its research-based prevention and treatment programs and provide grants to states to provide drug treatment services to inmates and residential care treatment facilities.
This aspect of S.B. 304 is crucial in that people under the influence of a mind-altering substance commit 80 percent to 90 percent of all crime. Additionally, between 1960 and 1977 one million people were housed in the United States prison system, compared to the 2 million incarcerated since Jan. 1,1997
Senate Bill 304 was referred to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, which Sen. Patrick Leahy chairs, and this proposed legislation has the support and endorsement of President George Bush. S.B. 304 would greatly impact local and state resources in our Valley at a time when $8.5 million has been cut from the state budget for outdoor jobs for troubled youth; $5.5 million has been slashed from Public Children Services Association for child welfare programs, and $600,000 has been cut for Child Nutrition Services throughout the state.
This legislation would provide much needed help for many people in our Valley afflicted by substance abuse. Please consider a letter of support to Sen. Leahyor Congressman Traficant, urging them to move forward on S.B. 304.
X The writer is a Warren councilman-at-large.
Book for Christians,a cause to celebrate
I feel compelled to respond to a very cynical remark by religion writer Clark Morphew about the book, & quot;The Prayer of Jabez & quot; in which he insinuates that & quot;it follows a line of thinking that says Jesus will make you wealthy if you ask Him correctly & quot; --is just another get rich quick scam.
I suspect he hasn't read the book, for he could not in all honesty come to that conclusion. I'm sure those who have read the book will agree that its success is due to its rich nourishment for the spirit, for which there seems to be an obvious need.
It & quot;is about what happens when ordinary Christians decide to reach for an extraordinary life -- exactly the kind God promises. & quot;
In my opinion, the book's phenomenal acceptance is cause for celebration,