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Tuesday, June 27, 2017


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Trump should leave Mueller alone
12:00, 6/27/17

By Jonathan Bernstein Bloomberg View With an investigation into possible obstruction of justice

What will Justice Kennedy do?
12:00, 6/27/17

WASHINGTON The end of the Supreme Court term looms, and with it the prospect – the terrifying

Puerto Rico is teetering
12:00, 6/27/17

“Puerto Rico, my heart’s devotion. Let it sink back in the ocean.” — “West Side Story” The

Trump breaks his pledge on health care, drug prices
12:00, 6/27/17

As Republican leaders in the U.S. Senate rush to pass a health-care bill that ultimately would

Feds investigate Sanders’ wife over real-estate deal
12:00, 6/27/17

Associated Press MONTPELIER, Vt. Federal investigators are looking into the finances behind a

Rainbow pride flag isn’t about race
12:00, 6/26/17

By Dennis Jansen The Dallas Morning News The city of Philadelphia’s Office of LGBT Affairs

Gun control does not work
12:00, 6/26/17

By Jay Ambrose Tribune News Service Whenever there is a shooting, liberals have an answer that

Why not regulate hate speech?
12:00, 6/26/17

By Laura Beth Nielsen Los Angeles Times As a sociologist and legal scholar, I struggle to

Land transfer in biennial budget would benefit Valley
12:00, 6/26/17

With only five days to go until the dawn of the 2018 fiscal year in Ohio, expect a heaping helping

12:00, 6/25/17

Today is Sunday, June 25, the 176th day of 2017. There are 189 days left in the year. ASSOCIATED

Death of Ohioan Warmbier points up N. Korea’s abuses
12:00, 6/25/17

Anyone with human feelings is outraged by North Korea’s murder of Otto Warmbier. The term “murder”

Please report all cases of elder abuse in our midst
12:00, 6/25/17

Please report all cases of elder abuse in our midst We at the Adult Protective Services Unit of

Hopeful signs with uptick in Y’town reading scores
12:00, 6/25/17

Five years ago to the day, Ohio Gov. John R. Kasich signed into law a bill that included the Third

Intralot wins the lottery
12:00, 6/25/17

In the end, all the talk about seeking competitive bids to operate the Ohio Lottery and provide

Only in death, you know Irwin’s deeds
12:00, 6/25/17

On Monday night, a 10-minute video will roll out at the Jewish Community Center during a special

Despite Mahoning County case, data suggests voter fraud is rare
12:10, 6/24/17

Austintown man is accused of voting illegally in both the 2016 primary and general election

Today is Saturday, June 24, the 175th day of 2017. There are 190 days left in the year.
12:00, 6/24/17

Today is Saturday, June 24, the 175th day of 2017. There are 190 days left in the year. ASSOCIATED

Door to Cuba is closing
12:00, 6/24/17

By Jill Richardson OtherWords There’s a lot to say about Trump reversing some of the Obama

Helping Zac Brown Band make history in Y’town
12:00, 6/24/17

Judy Garland’s classic lyrics from “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” eight decades ago that “dreams

Doctors deserve sleep, too
12:00, 6/24/17

Toledo Blade: People who haven’t slept in 24 hours shouldn’t drive. They’re so tired it’s more