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Scheduled Guests for March 16, 2018

Ray Carlson

Ray Carlson, BSPharm, RPh and his wife Lori. Lori has a masters in Mathematics and is an instructor at the local university. Lori is also the co-owner of RC Compounding and Chief Financial Officer. Ray graduated from Ohio Northern University in 1985 and has over 25 years of healthcare and compounding experience. He is a member of Ohio Pharmacists Association (OPA) and Eastern Ohio Pharmacists Association (EOPA), and has served as a past president of both organizations. Ray is also a member of IACP, AIHP, APhA, and has served on many state and local pharmacy committees. He is also a member of OPA's Compounding SIG committee and has served as a surveryor for the Pharmacy Compounding Accredidation Board.

RC Outsourcing Services /Ray Carlson

Ray Carlson We serve the needs of retinal clinics by specializing in the repacking of Avastin and the compounding of intraocular injections. With nearly one million doses prepared without incident and best pricing in the industry, we will gladly provide you with quality and safety at a reasonable price. We offer free shipping on orders of certain sizes, and we now offer silicone and oil free Norm-Ject syringes for no additional charge. Although we specialize in intraocular injections, you may contact us for other compounding needs. As an FDA registered 503B outsourcing facility, we are able to serve a wide range of clientele, such as retinal specialists, ophthamologist, hospitals, and medical clinics. We value every client relationship greatly, and each engagement benefits from breadth of our quality and expertise. We conduct end product testing for each batch of our products so you can be assured with our high standards and level of patient safety. As our profession and the agencies that regulate us continue to work to modify rules and guidances on expiration dates, acceptable storage/delivery systems (syringes), and general storage conditions, we will reserve the right to modify delivery and packaging accordingly. There remain best practices yet to be agreed upon that could impact delivery schedules and pricing. As they occur, please know that we will do our best to ensure that physician needs continue to be met in the most timely and cost efficient manner as patient safety allows.

Lyras for congress - Louis Lyras

I’m a businessman who supports the work of unions and who cares deeply about our environment. I know from experience that treating people and our environment right is good for the bottom line – and for humankind. I’m the son of Greek immigrant parents who’s built a family business that restores America’s bridges. I work every day with employees from Mexico, Honduras, Colombia and Jamaica, among other countries – who’ve become like family – as they keep American infrastructure safe and functioning through our contracts to repair the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge in New York City, the Benjamin Franklin Bridge in New Jersey and the Betsy Ross Bridge in Philadelphia. As a native son of Ohio who founded the business in 1976 with my brother and father, I’ve kept Corcon, Inc., based in Youngstown for more than 40 years. It’s a place I’ve called home since I was born there in 1950. It’s for the people of the 13th District that I’m running for Congress because I know the region and its residents as well as I know my own family. They are my family. Together we can lift each other up by creating opportunity through work that is meaningful but hard, work that is the backbone of America. It’s what I’ve done since I started my business at age 26, leading the company to become a top contractor in industrial painting, and a pioneer in lead removal on bridges. It’s what I know how to do. I feel fortunate that more than four decades after I founded this business that my family members – including my brother, sons and cousin – still play a core part within its daily operations. My wife and I are most proud of the fact that all six of our grown children, and five grandkids, live nearby in the great state of Ohio. My Views – A Summary ​ ● I believe strongly that our government is “For the People and By the People,” and campaign spending is not a form of “free speech,” and that corporations do not have the same constitutional rights as people. ● I am a liberal, but pragmatic. I understand the costs of government programs. Nothing is free. ● I fully support freedom of the press, the right to protest peacefully, free speech, and all the freedoms given to us and our inalienable rights outlined in the Constitution. There can be no other way. ● I am educated as a scientist and I know that CO2 emissions will threaten all of us unless we address this issue with the same vigor that we had when all the nations came together and rectified disintegration of our ozone. ● It is our duty to provide good medical care to all people, regardless of income. ​ ● I believe it is time for a federal-level medical agency, much like the Veterans Administration but expanded to provide direct healthcare services for millions of eligible, low-income families, children, pregnant women, elderly adults and people with disabilities that will eventually replace the current private and insurance based Medicare and Medicaid programs. ● State-of-the-art nuclear power plants should be built and run by the U.S. Federal Government, including maintaining the grid. There is no time to debate the use of fossil fuel for electric power. I am not in favor of allowing private utilities to build and maintain nuclear power plants. ● National and state parks should be set aside and returned to their natural state. As much as possible, lands that were promised by treaty should be returned to the indigenous people of this continent, the American Indians. ● Zoning – to determine local development – should be at the federal, state and county level, in that order, and not at the city level. We must control unfettered growth. We need to protect agricultural lands. We need to address the problems with the National Flood Insurance Program by proper zoning. ● All trade agreements must address labor for both sides, and not only the interest of the international corporations or corrupt government despots. ● I am an independent candidate. I want to hear all arguments and decide independently what is good for all of us in our district. We must always be able to compromise, otherwise nothing will get done. ● All elected officials must serve the interests of the people and not special interest groups.

Imbibe for St. Patrick's Day 2018

"St. Patrick’s Day occurs annually on March 17 in observance of the death of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. What began as a religious feast day in the 17th century has evolved into a variety of festivals across the globe celebrating Irish culture with parades, special foods, music, dancing, and a whole lot of green". Imbibe Martini Bar will be celebrating with green martinis, Irish beer, green beer, Irish Whiskey, and Irish inspired cocktails. Ryes Craft Beer & Whiskey, Youngstown will be open too!

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