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Every day, hundreds of cats all across the country get put down simply for testing positive for either feline leukemia virus (FeLV) or feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). Most of these cats are completely healthy and can still live several years. On June 16, 2017, I adopted Quinn Penelope, a special little cat who had slipped through the cracks and wasn’t tested. After a few months, the upper respiratory infection she picked up at the shelter still hadn’t gone away and the vet decided to test her for FeLV. She came back positive and was given only a few months to live. But Quinn was a fighter and made it for a whole year, passing away on August 28, 2018. It was a very happy and healthy year where she got to be the most spoiled and loved kitty in the world. It was also a year where I got to learn everything possible about FeLV. Now that knowledge will be used to save other cats like Quinn and give them the chance at life that she got.

Funding a Shelter for FeLV+ Cats - Quinn's Rescue Cats

"As most of you know, I recently lost my cat, Quinn, to FeLV. Basically, what this disease does is destroy the cat's immune system and leave them prone to all kinds of other issues like anemia (what Quinn struggled with), stomatitis, and cancer. Most cats who have FeLV don't live past the age of 1, although some can live 8-10 years or more. Because of this and their frequent health problems, the majority of animal shelters euthanize any cat who tests positive for FeLV or FIV (a similar, but not as fatal, disease), even if they're completely healthy. Quinn was never tested, which is why she made it through a shelter. She didn't have a long life, but she was happy. That's what all these cats deserve. So in Quinn's honor, I'd love to start an animal sanctuary for FeLV/FIV+ cats to rescue them from euthanasia and give them a chance at a life filled with the love and care they deserve. This would include educating potential adopters about the disease and special care plans. As space allows, I'd also like to take in cats with behavioral issues to give them more attention than they'd get in a typical shelter and help them get ready for a forever home. Right now, the plan is to get a small barn to put in my backyard to house these cats, which is what this fundraiser will go toward. As I get more information, I'll update this with specific price information. Leftover money will go toward food/litter/medical costs. Any amount you can give or even sharing this is appreciated and will help so much. Thank you!"

Quinn's Rescue Cats - InstaGram

QRC is a shelter primarily for cats with FeLV/FIV that occasionally takes in cats with behavioral issues to rehabilitate them. In honor of Quinn ❤️

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