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Scheduled Guests for June 22, 2018

Dr. John Vargo

Meritage of Miracles - Michelle Sergi

About Meritage of Miracles We are a non-profit located in Youngstown, Ohio. We aim to help our valley's children by raising funds for palliative care. What is Meritage? Meritage, a blending of different wines to make one product, stems from the two words merit and heritage. Therefore, the concept of this fundraiser is for the community to “blend” together in order to support the palliative care program at Akron Children’s Hospital Mahoning Valley for terminally ill and disabled children. Second Annual Event Success Thanks to the generosity of the community, we had a successful second event that was held on August 8, 2015 at Hollywood Gaming Racino raising $28,383 for Akron Children’s Hospital Mahoning Valley. There were over 200 people in attendance along with 60 businesses and organizations that donated funds or silent auction items in order to support the hospital. We are very blessed and grateful for everyone who was able to contribute and help us make a difference for the children of the Mahoning Valley. Together, we can continue to make a difference with each year’s event. Serving Our Community Akron Children’s Haslinger Family Pediatric Palliative Care Center is one of the largest pediatric palliative care programs in the U.S. and serves as a local, national and international model for the provision of high-quality care across the continuum. Our mission is to bring legendary pediatric palliative care to any patient in the prenatal period, infancy, childhood, adolescence, or young adulthood facing a chronic, complex, and/or life-threatening condition. Since 2002, we have served over 2,100 families in 47 of Ohio’s 88 counties, as well as families from 8 other states. The Pediatric Palliative Care Division has played an integral part in raising the profile of Akron Children’s Hospital, both at home and outside of our geographic borders. What the Palliative Care Program Provides Pediatric palliative care is holistic care that focuses on physical, emotional, psychosocial, spiritual and practical issues that can cause suffering for children and families. Our interdisciplinary team meets children and families at diagnosis of a serious health condition and remains with them throughout the journey, regardless of the outcome, providing an extra layer of support in partnership with a child’s primary care and subspecialty clinicians. With our expansion into the Valley, our main campus palliative care team (“A Palette of Care”) has been stretched to provide the same level of care to a larger number of patients over a greater distance.

Bobby Norberg

God's Warehouse is the Food Pantry of New Life Church

God's Warehouse is the Food Pantry of New Life Church. Every month, God's Warehouse services over 300 families by providing over 1100 bags of groceries to those in needs. This is a great opportunity to meet the spiritual and practical needs of others. God's Warehouse is scheduled on the third Saturday of each month. The team also meets during this third week to get prepared for each food give-out.

Dr Kathryn Mannix

Dr Kathryn Mannix has spent her medical career working with people who have incurable, advanced illnesses. Starting in cancer care and changing career to become a pioneer of the new discipline of palliative medicine, she has worked as a palliative care consultant in teams in hospices, hospitals and in patients’ own homes, optimising quality of life even as death is approaching. She is passionate about public education, and having qualified as a Cognitive Behaviour Therapist in 1993, she started the UK’s (possibly the world’s) first CBT clinic exclusively for palliative care patients, and devised ‘CBT First Aid’ training to enable palliative care colleagues to add new skills to their repertoire for helping patients. I am on a mission to reclaim public understanding of dying. I have helped to care for thousands of people at the very end of their lives and have seen first-hand the harm done by the Taboo of Death. Instead of dying, people ‘pass away’. They are not ‘dead’, but ‘late,’ ‘lost’ or ‘departed’.

Birdfish Fundraiser: Akron Children's Hospital Mahoning Valley

Thursday, July 5th in conjunction with Meritage of Miracles we are raising money for the Akron Children's Hospital Boardman. All proceeds will benefit the pediatric palliative care program for children with chronic, complex, and/or life threatening conditions. This program helps local families and children like Dan and Meghan Houck and their 4 year old son Ryan who was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder. He has endured countless hospital stays and procedures throughout his life already. ALL TIPS received will be donated! Raffle and auction items will be announced the week of the event. We have our work cut out for us this year if we want to exceed last years fundraising efforts... Last year we raised $2071.00 in one day with tips received, raffle items, and donations.

With the End in Mind - Dr Mannix

IT’S A SIMPLE TRUTH: WE ALL DIE It’s a complicated truth: we all fear dying, and we all fear it in different ways, according to our individual circumstances and life experiences. And yet… Dying is a bodily process. Just like pregnancy and birth, it has recognisable stages of progression. We can recognise the progress of life-limiting illness; we can predict, less reliably early on yet with increasing accuracy as death comes closer. It’s usually possible to gather the right people in time, and help them to prepare, because for most of us, dying affects not only the dying person but also their dear ones. Whether or not we are related to the people we hold most dear, dying is a ‘family affair.’ But so often, dying people and their families remain unprepared because our fear about death has become a fear about even mentioning dying. My life in palliative care has shown me that the process of dying is made less frightening and more peaceful, the better prepared we are. Knowing what to expect, and knowing what our dear ones will see as we die, helps people to plan, to speak to each other openly and honestly, and to relax. It also helps people to enjoy each day as it arises, instead of fearing a sudden and unexpected onset of dying, because usually, death approaches us gradually. With the End in Mind is my attempt to capture the wisdom of dying and death, distilled into stories that take us to those places we believe are too dark to endure, and yet that are illuminated by human resilience, hope and love. Come with me to visit these extraordinary dying people. They are just like you.

The Serenity Center food drive

The Serenity Center will be collecting nonperishable food donations through July 13 to benefit the New Life Church food pantry in Poland. Needed items include peanut butter, canned goods, cereals, boxed mixes , boxed almond milk and toiletries. Gift cards for grocery stores also are welcome. Locations that participants can drop off donations are 1947 E. Market St., Warren; 11369 Market St., North Lima; and 8440 Market St., Boardman. For information, visit or call 330-518-9573.

With the End in Mind,2 minute video, Kathryn Mannix

2 minute video Read this book and you'll be better prepared for life as well as death.

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