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Scheduled Guests for July 17, 2018

William “Guy” Burney Community Initiative to Reduce Violence

For the city’s initiative to give younger people an alternative to crime to succeed, it needs community support, said its coordinator. With that in mind, William “Guy” Burney, who heads the city’s new Community Initiative to Reduce Violence (CIRV) “We need to get [the pastors] on board with the initiative because they can motivate the community,” Burney said. “Engaging the community is the first part of our effort. In the next 60 days, we’ll also meet with social-service agencies and block watches.” After building those relationships, Burney said the effort will identify issues not being properly addressed and implement programs to resolve those matters, and train people to serve as “peacekeepers.” The goal is to show younger people, particularly those in high-crime areas, that there are other options besides breaking the law, he said.

Mia Tomikawa

6th Annual Butterfly Festival JUL 21 2018

Saturday at 13:00–16:00 JUL 21 2018 Southside Community Garden - Youngstown, Ohio 112 Williamson Ave.

F5Rs Rabbit Rescue Sand, surf, bunnies! Fun in the Sun with an Adopted Bun Open House! July 21st 12-4

Sand, surf, bunnies! Fun in the Sun with an Adopted Bun Open House! July 21st 12-4. Come in and shop our store items, smell our Scentsy items, meet some adorable bunnies like these crazy summer buns! No adoptions without pre-approved applications. 11836 South Ave, North Lima, Old School Marketplace, Building E door by the big tree.

Happy Science

Today, Happy Science is already Japan's biggest and the most influential religion, and it is rapidly growing on a worldwide scale. Let us have a look at our history – the key events that have led to the Happy Science we are today. Happy Science was founded on October 6th, 1986, and was certified as a religious organization in Japan on March 7th, 1991. The Founder of Happy Science is Ryuho Okawa. Happy Science believers have a strong faith in the God of the Earth, El Cantare. In order to attain true happiness, also known as enlightenment, the members practice the teachings of Ryuho Okawa on a daily basis by praying, studying the teachings, self-reflecting and meditating. Above all, reciting The Dharma of the Right Mind every morning and evening, is the main pillar of this religious life. Together with friends and the Dharma friends who share the same faith, we carry out various activities to create an ideal world and to spread happiness. Many of these activities are held at the local branches and temples, and revolve around taking regular visits there. In order to support these activities, there are more than 10,000 local branches and temples and the Shojas all over Japan and the world. By studying and practicing the Buddha’s Truth at the local temples with Dharma friends, as well as at home during one’s own study time, the teachings at Happy Science will enable you to attain real happiness toward enlightenment. Furthermore, Happy Science is involved in all kinds of activities including social activities for the purpose of creating an ideal world.

William “Guy” Burney Executive Director of the Community Initiative to Reduce Violence

William “Guy” Burney serves as the Executive Director of the Community Initiative to Reduce Violence for the City of Youngstown. The Community Initiative to Reduce Violence, better known as (C.I.R.V.), is a partnership of law enforcement, social service agencies, and the community to reduce violence in the city. Their mission is to create an effective delivery system to offer individuals a circle of support enabling them to choose a non-violent path in life. Guy also serves as the founder and CEO of Thrive Development, an umbrella company that specializes in teaching and development.

Community Initiative to Reduce Violence (CIRV)

The Community Initiative to Reduce Violence (CIRV) is a multi-agency and community collaborative effort designed to quickly and dramatically reduce gun violence-related homicides, in an effort to sustain reductions of these incidents over time within the City of Youngstown. The initiative is a focused-deterrence strategy that is modeled after the Boston Gun Project from the mid-1990s. A partnership among multiple law enforcement agencies (local, state and federal), social service providers and the community has been established to deliver a clear message to violent street groups: the violence must stop. This message is communicated through a number of different mechanisms, including call-in sessions with probationers and parolees; direct contact through street workers (street advocates), police, probation, and parole officers; community outreach; and media outlets. Law enforcement agencies have gathered intelligence on violent street group networks, and consequences will be delivered to the street groups that continue to engage in violence. Those offenders seeking a more productive lifestyle are provided streamlined social services, training, education, and employment opportunities. The community and law enforcement agencies are working as partners and as a result, strengthening their relationship.

Apathetic Epidemic A David Solomon Film - IndieGogo

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