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Coach: Dan Reardon

The defending two-time Division V state champions run a multiple offense and a 3-4 defense. The Irish have 19 lettermen returning, including five starters on offense and six on defense. A fourth-straight state title game is extremely possible, with veterans like quarterback Paul Kempe (102-181 for 1,791 yards, 16 scores), running back Akise Teague, wide receiver Jeff Podolsky, tackle Zach Conlan, defensive tackle Keil’n Thurston and linebacker Trevor Smith returning.

Our senior class, they’ve been part of three consecutive championship game appearances. They have a lot of football under their belt. I think that with their experience, they know they have to come every single week and bring their best game.”
Dan Reardon, coach

2010 schedule
18/26Cleveland East Tech 0-40WFinal
29/4Bethlehem Catholic14-50WFinal
39/10Mentor Lake Catholic10-14WFinal
59/24@Notre Dame Cathedral Latin53-14WFinal
610/2St. Thomas Aquinas14-52WFinal
710/8St. Charles Preparatory School20-49WFinal
910/22Cardinal Mooney7-44WFinal
1010/28@Akron SV-SM24-7WFinal
1111/6South Range22-55WFinal
1411/27Lima Central Catholic36-51WFinal

Stambaugh Stadium

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10-31-2008- Dear Sir: I have been following my grandson's kicking statistics for the 2008 Season. Kevin Patrick ,#41 a 5"10" 165lb. Sr. K/K, has never played football organized. He always was a Soccer player and was on the Irish Soccer team all 4-years and was Captain this year. He was encouraged to try out for the Extra point and Field Goal position this Season,for they didn't have a consistent player to fulfill this spot. He has done a few kickoffs, but Mike Herns,No#53 a 6'4" 264lb. OL/DL SR player, does a wonderful effort on this assignment as well as his other duties. He is BIG,Aggressive and highly aware of his important duties both Offensively and defensely.
My reason for this e-mail is to indicate a discrepancy ,as any Grandparent would do,in Kevin's Point Total for the season. I might add,I am suspect of error, as my wife has pointed out to me, when I followed my other Grandson ,David Patrick during his 4 year Varsity playing Baseball for the Irish, who did go to the State Championship in 2003 and 2006. In David's Senior year he was their Starting Left hander and won over the number #1 pitcher for Canton Central Catholic in the semi-final game.
Back to Kevin's efforts. You have it at 37 Points. I have noted at all ten games an accumulation of 40 for 48 attempts, a percentage of 83% and in Field Goals 3 for 5 for a 60% average. Total point of 49 points. In the game against Canton Central Catholic, the Vindy recorded his extra point attempts as 2/2 completed and gave credit to Jimmy Mszanski, #18 a Senior 5"8".187Lb., QB/LB/Holder, who by the way, has done a terrific job in all of his assignments, for 4/4 Expts. Also Kevin didn't play in the Akron Buchtel game and Jeff Podolsky, #33 a Sophomore 5"9" 161Lb. RB/DB,did the extra point conversions and was 6 for 6. Jeff is an outstanding player and has done a wonderful job on all of his assignments.HE IS ONLY A SOPHOMORE. You can count on him do make something happen in pressure moments.
If my accounts are in error .I humbly apologize. If your sources reporting are in error, could this be correctd. Kevin is a Senior and by all means , he does deserve his recognition for his efforts. He is totally committed as he was in Soccer, to the Irish Football team. His Mom, Linda Patrick, my daughter, has told me, that I would not believe how he is excited for this year and grateful that Coaches Reardon in Football and Harry Leigh in Soccer, and thair cooperative efforts, have helped Kevin in his spirit of play.
Respectively submitted, Grandpa Dumas.

posted 9 years, 5 months ago


November 5TH, 2008 Hello Players and Staff: You all have done and are continuing to keep the Player's confidence level and focus on the present task. Great job and our best of wishes for all in this coming game with Gates Mill. Keep focused on your responsibilities and let the talent you possess come forth and be accountable for the results. VICTORY IS YOUR QUEST AND DESTINY IS IN YOUR SKILLS. PERFORMANCE IS WHAT HAS TOO BE DONE BY ALL MEMBERS. SO CAPTAINS,COMMAND AND LEAD US TO VICTORY!
Grandpa Dumas

posted 9 years, 5 months ago


maybe you should drop down to div. 6. then you would guarantee a state title. well, you would have to go through macdonald, columbiana, and western reserve. that could be tough. and who knows - maybe jackson-milton or southern local may have a good team one year. you guys are pathetic !!

posted 8 years, 6 months ago


rangerhomey: It is not the players or schools fault the state puts them in Div 5. They would gladly play in D1 if they were allowed. The fact is their student enrollment is too low and the OHSAA has stupid guidelines for football. Ursuline plays D2 or D3 in every other sport and does well in those might I add. They won a basketball and baseball state title in recent years at those higher divisons.

posted 8 years, 5 months ago


Goal.......get into the playoffs and beat up on "opie" schools.

posted 7 years, 8 months ago

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