Blitz History - Beaver Local

2007: 3-7
8/24Beaver Local47East Liverpool8
8/31West Branch28Beaver Local14
9/7Poland38Beaver Local19
9/14Chardon25Beaver Local22
9/21Steubenville27Beaver Local6
9/28Canton Central Catholic31Beaver Local27
10/5Youngstown East27Beaver Local13
10/11Ursuline28Beaver Local0
10/19Beaver Local38Chaney16
10/26Beaver Local28Weir (W.Va.)6
2006: 6-4
8/25Beaver Local26Minerva23 (2 OT)
9/1West Branch28Beaver Local27 (2 OT)
9/9Beaver Local24University School7
9/16Beaver Local21East Liverpool15
9/23Bellaire28Beaver Local7
9/29Beaver Local16Canton Central Catholic7
10/6Chardon41Beaver Local6
10/13Steubenville36Beaver Local0
10/21Beaver Local17Chaney15
10/27Beaver Local30Weir (W.Va.)13
2005: 8-2, 0-1 playoffs
8/26Beaver Local55Minerva21
9/2West Branch28Beaver Local6
9/9Beaver Local23University School7
9/16Beaver Local22East Liverpool6
9/24Bellaire34Beaver Local0
10/1Beaver Local10Zanesville7
10/7Beaver Local24Chardon16
10/14Beaver Local52Oak Glen (W.Va.)12
10/21Beaver Local14Chaney6
10/28Beaver Local31Edison6
11/4Steubenville34Beaver Local7
2004: 10-1, 0-1 playoffs
8/27Beaver Local29Akron East3
9/3Beaver Local28Carrollton8
9/10Beaver Local56Campbell7
9/17Beaver Local14East Liverpool0
9/24Beaver Local56Bellaire13
10/1Beaver Local43Zanesville23 (2 OT)
10/8Beaver Local30Chardon28
10/15Beaver Local36Oak Glen (W.Va.)7
10/22Beaver Local38Eastlake North6
10/29Beaver Local69Richmond Edison19
11/6Alliance19Beaver Local16
2003: 11-1, 1-1 playoffs
8/22Beaver Local47Akron East12
8/29Beaver Local28Carrollton7
9/5Beaver Local58Campbell35
9/12Beaver Local34East Liverpool19
9/19Beaver Local43Bellaire0
9/26Beaver Local49Zanesville3
10/3Beaver Local35Chardon7
10/10Beaver Local42Oak Glen (W.Va.)0
10/17Beaver Local55Eastlake North20
10/24Beaver Local54Richmond Edison28
10/31Beaver Local3813
2002: 10-3, 2-1 playoffs
8/23Beaver Local34Lisbon0
8/30Beaver Local19Salem16
9/6Beaver Local35Rayen22
9/13Beaver Local10East Liverpool0
9/20Chardon34Beaver Local14
9/27Beaver Local28Zanesville14
10/4Beaver Local42Weir (W.Va.)0
10/11Beaver Local39Oak Glen (W.Va.)6
10/18Beaver Local44Wellsville8
10/25Richmond Edison41Beaver Local12
11/2Beaver Local23Richmond Edison12
11/9Beaver Local33University School18
11/16Cle. Benedictine36Beaver Local7
2001: 6-4
8/24Beaver Local19Lisbon18
8/31Salem24Beaver Local20
9/8Beaver Local16Rayen0
9/14East Liverpool28Beaver Local21
9/21Beaver Local41Harrison Central0
9/28Beaver Local20Weir (W.Va.)0
10/5Oak Glen (W.Va.)9Beaver Local7
10/12St. Thomas Aquinas23Beaver Local8
10/19Beaver Local39Wellsville17
10/26Beaver Local21Richmond Edison0
2000: 10-1, 0-1 playoffs
8/25Beaver Local26Lisbon19
9/1Beaver Local41St. Clairsville27
9/8Beaver Local48Akron Central-Hower12
9/15Beaver Local17East Liverpool6
9/23Beaver Local51Linsly (W.Va.)21
9/29Beaver Local40Weirton (W.Va.)10
10/6Beaver Local50Oak Glen (W.Va.)11
10/13Beaver Local32Lorain Southview27
10/20Beaver Local21Wellsville12
10/27Beaver Local7Edison6
11/4Carrollton34Beaver Local14
1999: 7-4, 0-1 playoffs
8/27Lisbon19Beaver Local13
9/3St. Clairsville28Beaver Local20
9/11Brookfield25Beaver Local14
9/17Beaver Local35East Liverpool9
9/25Beaver Local35Linsly (W.Va.)28
10/1Beaver Local41Weir (W.Va.)0
10/8Beaver Local31Oak Glen (W.Va.)3
10/16Beaver Local47Lorain Southview7
10/22Beaver Local42Wellsville6
10/29Beaver Local35Edison25
11/5Steubenville42Beaver Local7
1998: 5-5, 2-3 RVL
9/4Lisbon25Beaver Local14
9/11East Liverpool38Beaver Local3
9/18Beaver Local35Brookfield28
9/25Indian Creek30Beaver Local0
10/2Weirton47Beaver Local6
10/9Beaver Local38Oak Glen (W.Va.)21
10/16Beaver Local7Buckeye6
10/23Beaver Local43Champion20
10/30Beaver Local19Wellsville12
11/6Edison18Beaver Local15
1997: 0-10, 0-5 RVL
8/29Wheeling Central29Beaver Local14
9/6Lisbon35Beaver Local27
9/13Weirton21Beaver Local14
9/19East Liverpool60Beaver Local26
9/26Indian Creek35Beaver Local7
10/3Garfield Hts.56Beaver Local24
10/10Oak Glen (W.Va.)24Beaver Local0
10/17Buckeye Local56Beaver Local13
10/24Wellsville35Beaver Local18
10/31Edison29Beaver Local15
1996: 4-6, 1-4 RVL
8/30Wheeling Central25Beaver Local21
9/6Bellaire33Beaver Local8
9/13Beaver Local12Rayen7
9/20East Liverpool27Beaver Local6
9/27Indian Creek40Beaver Local0
10/4Beaver Local28Buckeye Local21
10/11Oak Glen (W.Va.)28Beaver Local20
10/19Beaver Local13Steubenville Catholic Central0
10/25Beaver Local16Wellsville8
11/1Edison34Beaver Local17
1995: 0-10, 0-5 RVL
9/1Western Beaver37Beaver Local13
9/9Bellaire55Beaver Local13
9/15Niles23Beaver Local16
9/22East Liverpool7Beaver Local6
9/29Indian Creek41Beaver Local8
10/6Buckeye24Beaver Local16
10/13Oak Glen (W.Va.)29Beaver Local16
10/21Steubenville Catholic Central35Beaver Local8
10/27Wellsville21Beaver Local0
11/3Edison20Beaver Local6
1994: 3-7, 2-4 RVL
9/3Western Beaver21Beaver Local21
9/10Steubenville Catholic Central13Beaver Local13
9/16Beaver Local15Niles15
9/23Beaver Local30East Liverpool30
9/30Indian Creek14Beaver Local14
10/7Buckeye47Beaver Local47
10/14Oak Glen (W.Va.)26Beaver Local26
10/21Salem52Beaver Local52
10/28Wellsville56Beaver Local56
11/4Beaver Local25Edison25
1993: 5-5, 3-2 RVL
9/4Beaver Local12Niles7
9/11Steubenville Catholic Central41Beaver Local0
9/17West Branch32Beaver Local11
9/24Beaver Local26East Liverpool22
10/1Beaver Local35Indian Creek6
10/8Beaver Local22Buckeye Local12
10/15Oak Glen (W.Va.)37Beaver Local37
10/22Salem21Beaver Local14
10/29Beaver Local19Wellsville14
11/5Edison25Beaver Local12
1992: 5-5, 2-2 RVL
9/4Niles36Beaver Local22
9/11Buckeye Local41Beaver Local10
9/18West Branch19Beaver Local12
9/25East Liverpool33Beaver Local14
10/2Beaver Local30Wintersville14
10/9Beaver Local13Linsly (W.Va.)6
10/16Beaver Local12Oak Glen (W.Va.)0
10/23Beaver Local28Salem27
10/30Wellsville49Beaver Local8
11/6Beaver Local26Edison South9
1990: 3-7
8/24West Branch39Beaver Local6
8/31Edison South30Beaver Local14
9/7Struthers24Beaver Local7
9/14Buckeye Local29Beaver Local7
9/21Beaver Local14Wellsville12
9/28Beaver Local19East Liverpool7
10/5Beaver Local32Weirton (W.Va.)16
10/13Wheeling Linsly28Beaver Local0
10/19Oak Glen39Beaver Local0
10/26Lisbon46Beaver Local8

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