Ursuline vs. Kirtland

  • Date    11/17/12
  • 2012 Season
  • Not a league game
Aurora High School


(1 comment)

To The Ursline football team, some parents, and some coaches: you deserved to lose. You are disgusting players disgusting fans and disgusting coaches your actions on the field And off the field after the game were a direct reflection on your ignorant, bullying, thug, Poorly coached, on undisciplined players, immature, And funniest of all, a very poorly conditioned team.
The only positive thing you showed last night was your ability to play football. Your actions your verbal outbursts at Kirtland fans your spitting on Kirtland fans. I watch as your players exited the field after the game and witness six of your players walking with their middle fingers up towards the Kirtland fans and players. It starts with the parents & coaches.
Your entire organization and city and school deserved to be beaten the way they did last night. Beaten by a team that was smaller, beaten by athletes were not as fast. beaten by a team That is able to be coached. beaten by a better coach.
Beaten by family's that raised our kids to be humble winners and gracious losers.
By the way we have a loss in 28 straight games.

posted 5 years, 7 months ago

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