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Brenda Kimble - House Bill 70

March 11, 2016

Description: Brenda Kimble, President of the Youngstown Board of Education, joins Louie b. Free on Vindy Talk Radio to discuss her perspective of House Bill 70.

Bystander stays with Brittany Szwedko

March 4, 2016

Description: 911 call of Ed Thompson, a bystander who stayed with Brittany Szwedko, 27 of Cortland after she was struck by a car while jogging on ...

Bystander stops Russell Lauer III

March 4, 2016

Description: 911 call of RJ Bryant, a bystander who stopped Russell Lauer III of Cortland during a hit-and-run incident. The witness stated that Lauer hit Brittany ...

Marvin Jules 911 Call

February 22, 2016

Description: The Trumbull County 911 center has released the audio recording of a Masury man who apparently shot his girlfriend this morning on Ulp Street.

Ricky Green 911 Call

January 19, 2016

Description: Greene Township man calls sheriff to report he killed his wife. Edited for brevity.

911 - I'm too high

October 7, 2015

Description: 911 call by an Austintown Township man who complained he was “too high” after smoking marijuana.

First Responders to Rainn Peterson 911 Call

October 5, 2015

Description: Radio conversation between first responders and dispatch as they confirm that Rainn Peterson, missing Trumbull County toddler, had been located after two days of search ...

911 - Finding Rainn Peterson

October 5, 2015

Description: Victor Sutton of North Bloomfield places his call to 911 after he finds missing Trumbull County toddler, Rainn Peterson, during search efforts on October 4, ...

Governor Kasich Discusses Youngstown Schools

November 30, 2014

Description: Governor Kasich discusses Youngstown city schools during an editorial interview at The Vindicator.

Seeing Teddy for the last time

February 7, 2014

Description: Paul Foltz, the grandfather of Teddy Foltz, discusses the last time he saw his grandson.

Knowledge of resources

February 7, 2014

Description: The family of Shain Widdersheim discuss whether she knew of resources that could have protected her children from abuse.

Contact from the children

February 7, 2014

Description: The family of Shain Widdersheim discuss the contact they had with her children.

Widdersheim: Getting the Boys Out

February 2, 2014

Description: Shain Widdersheim describes the difficulties that she faced when trying to get her boys out of harms way from Zaryl Bush.

Widdersheim: A Similar Situation

February 2, 2014

Description: Shain Widdersheim gives her message to other women who are involved in abusive relationships.

Widdersheim: It Could Have Happened to Anyone

February 2, 2014

Description: Shain Widdersheim's response to those who feel that she is a terrible mother for letting the abuse continue that ultimately led to the death of ...

Widdersheim: Kids Speaking Out

February 2, 2014

Description: Shain Widdersheim explains when it is brought to her attention that her abusive relationship with Zaryl Bush is starting to affect her children, especially Teddy ...

Warren Police radio traffic

October 20, 2013

Description: Warren Police Radio traffic October 19, 2013

07032013 Boardman

July 4, 2013

Description: 911 Call boardman police. Daniel Fitton

02 Call from Stericycle

March 21, 2013

Description: 911 call from an employee of Stericycle, just south of the accident scene, saying he heard a crash and saw a car upside down in ...

01 Call from Burton Street

March 21, 2013

Description: 911 call from a house on Burton Street in Warren where two survivors ran after a vehicle accident on Pine Avenue.

03 Call Back to Burton Street Resident

March 21, 2013

Description: 911 dispatcher called the woman on Burton Street back after the call from the Stericycle employee. She learned from the youths that there might be ...

04 Call to Warren Fire Department

March 20, 2013

Description: 911 dispatches the Warren Fire Department to the scene of the Pine Avenue car accident.

Canfield Shooting 911 audio

January 12, 2012

Description: Canfield Shooting 911 audio

Boardman 911 Lockout Call

March 7, 2011

Description: Audio from a Boardman 911 Call.